How to Care for a Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cats are a relatively new breed from the United States of America. Its curious name Ragdoll, was given to him due to a unique characteristic in the animal kingdom. When he catches you in his arms, he immediately relaxes his muscles and looks like a ragdoll doll (ragdoll means rag doll in English).

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Continue reading this article to better discover this curious feline breed and maybe at some point end up adopting this charming pet . So in the Animal Expert we explain how to take care of a Ragdoll cat .

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Basic Ragdoll Care

The first care you must take with Ragdoll is to scrupulously observe the vaccination schedule . A regular visit to the veterinarian is indispensable for the Ragdoll cat to be a very happy pet, since health is one of the indispensable requirements of animal welfare .

The Ragodoll cat is so sweet that it is only mine, so it does not express itself when it is bad , just as any other feline breed would try to get its attention in order to alleviate its discomfort. A 6 month home visit to the specialist will suffice.

Cloth cat

The Ragdoll cat is practically unaware of the danger . For this reason it totally relaxes when we take it in the lap, being inert as if it were a cloth doll.

Since it is a big cat when it is adult, and the males can weigh up to 9 kg, we must be careful and try not to do this maneuver while standing. It can escape us and fall ill, causing an injury. Females are smaller and lighter than males.

Ragdoll Cat Hair Care

The Ragdoll cat is a breed with long or semi-long hair . If you want to take care of it optimally you will have to comb it every day. Discover the longest suitable cat hair brushes .

The Ragdoll hair is of very good quality and not prone to producing knots . For this reason a daily brushing of short duration will be a good way to keep your hair in good condition. If you do not brush the cat regularly, you run the risk that they will ingest hairballs and may thus suffer bowel obstructions which if not treated properly can become severe.

Ragdoll food care

The Ragdoll is a very sleepy and quiet cat, who does not like exercise very much . He prefers to be quiet in the company of his family. For this reason it is a breed that can gain overweight if given too much food. Discover how to prevent obesity in cats and exercise for obese cats .

The Ragdoll cat grows slowly and takes up to 3 years to reach maturity. You should be the veterinarian to decide the type and amount of food you should give your Ragdoll cat.


The Ragdoll cat hates loneliness . It is an animal that likes the family environment, the more people are better. They like children, they like old people, and get along with other pets , this is because they do not try to acquire a supremacy.

For all these reasons and because in all the crossroads that created this race one tried the maximum to tame this feline, a cat was created tremendously dependent on the affection and the care of its owner. If the Ragdoll cat stays too long alone it can even get sick.

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