How to care for a pug

This dog breed is known as pug and originates in China , although it is now a very popular pet in several countries. His fame is not surprising because, besides having a lovely appearance, is characterized by his cheerful and balanced temperament .

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Although it is a small dog, it is a strong dog as it has a muscular build, a large head, a short muzzle and a powerful jaw. However, that is not why it ceases to be an excellent companion animal, actually being one of the 30 most popular breeds in the world.

All these characteristics contribute to conclude that this is the best dog for you. For this reason, YourCatCareguide has elaborated this article that explains how to take care of a pug !

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Physical exercise of a pug

As mentioned at the beginning, the pug dog has a very muscular structure and physical exercise is imperative to maintain it. However, physical activity should always be adapted according to the characteristics that each dog presents.

The pug is not a dog that gets excited easily, but that does not mean it is not energetic. So a good way to channel this energy is to ensure that you walk at least twice a day and that you have the opportunity to play , something that you love and that will improve your day to day. You can teach him how to play with the ball , get him to swim or bet on intelligence games, for example.

However, because of a short snout, it is possible that the pug has breathing difficulties . For this reason, if you notice any symptoms that indicate that your dog is tired and has difficulty breathing, physical exercise should be stopped. Take care also in the intense heat.

The best supplement for exercise is good nutrition. Either opting for a natural or feed, you should be very clear that the pug should not be fed abundantly , since it loves to eat and can develop excess weight easily .

Pug’s Hair Care

The pug has a short, smooth coat, which makes it very easy to care for . This allows your dog to have a radiant coat, but you should not confuse an easily maintained coat with one that does not require any care.

The coat of this dog should be brushed regularly, preferably with a rubber brush , and be finished with a smooth coat with a hard bristle brush. At the time of hair change , your puppy will release more hair, which requires an increase in brushing frequency.

This habit not only takes care of our dog’s hair as it helps to detect parasites, besides making it become habitable to be careful , something essential for dogs that can not be easily manipulated.

The bath of the pug dog

I recommend that you just wash the dog when it is strictly necessary, always using products specific to the dog’s hygiene. However, it will also need to be done when it gets dirty and smelly.

Even more important than the bath is the drying that happens, since the pug does not tolerate well the temperature changes . For this reason, after washing the dog with lukewarm water, you should dry it very carefully to prevent it from catching cold.

It is essential to pay close attention to the skin folds of your face and body, since they retain moisture more easily, requiring a more intensive drying to prevent the appearance of fungi and the proliferation of bacteria. The folds can also retain more dirt , and should always be examined and cleaned when necessary, drying well at the end.

Please note that these indications also apply to trips to the beach or pool.

Regular veterinary care for a healthy pug

The life expectancy of a pug dog is between 13 and 15 years. However, in order to achieve this longevity and enjoy a good quality of life, some veterinary care is obviously needed. We are not just talking about the follow-up of the regular vaccination program and deworming of the dog , but also of consultations that can detect any inconvenience that may arise in time.

By having a short muzzle, the pug dog has some predisposition to undergo changes in the respiratory system , being also prone to allergies and skin problems such as allergies and dermatitis. Periodic visits to the veterinarian are very important to control this predisposition and to act in time for any changes that may arise. So the information in the article “how to take care of a pug” are important, but do not dispense with visits to the veterinarian!

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