How to Care for a Pekingese

The Pekingese dog has this name thanks to the capital of China, Beijing, where this breed originates. Many believe that the Pekingese is a descendant of the legendary Mastiff Tibetan Puppies and that, thousands of years ago, were almost sacred to the Tang dynasty.

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Nowadays, it is one of the most popular dogs, perfect to live with any type of family since it loves the comfort of home and is very affectionate with a good tutor. If you have decided to adopt a dog with these characteristics, you have made an excellent decision. In order for you to do so with total responsibility, YourCatCareguide explains how to take care of a Pekingese !

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How to walk a Pekingese

The Pekingese is a very quiet dog, especially when it reaches adulthood. He loves his comfort but, like any other dog, he needs to wander daily .

The daily walks fulfill important functions in relation to the care of the Pekingese dog:

  • It allows you to have good hygiene habits and fulfill your needs outside of each one. Do not forget that it is indispensable that the dogs can mark their territory during the walk, something that is part of their natural behavior.
  • It helps the dog to have an adequate socialization, relating to other people and animals, as well as maintaining contact with elements of the environment (noises, odors, substrates).
  • They need to explore their environment, sniffing to receive information about the other dogs, people and events of the place where they live.
  • It is necessary to walk so that the dog can stay active, especially when the Pekinese dog approaches the third age.
  • Helps to wear nails.

Obviously, these tours should have a duration and intensity appropriate to the physical capacity of this breed. When we talk about big and very energetic dogs, we recommend that the walks last between 20-30 minutes. The Pekingese needs much less time on each tour, being 15 or 20 minutes (at most) sufficient. Several daily outings will help keep the puppy active and fit.

Do not forget to be very careful when riding in warmer times. The Pekingese, due to its flattened snout and long coat, is prone to suffer from sunshine with ease, so it is essential that you always carry fresh water to give during the exit.

In the same way, be careful when taking excursions or long walks , always carrying a transport box or bag to be able to shelter the dog if you notice that he is very tired. Your flattened muzzle can also cause difficulty breathing .

The food of Pekingese

The Pekingese dog is quite small. However, the ideal weight should be around 5 kg in malesand 5.4 kg in females . Do not forget that the bone structure is heavier than in other breeds and that their body structure is very strong.

In order for the Pekingese to receive the nutrition they need and at the same time prevent them from being overweight in the future, it is enough to offer two meals a day with the correct and calculated portions for the adult puppies, since the puppies need to eat more often. However, puppies should also receive adequate amounts of food.

In relation to the proportion of nutrients, like all dogs, Pekinese need a high protein concentration, as well as moderate portions of carbohydrates and healthy fats.

A very common option is to bet on a good quality ration whenever the package is identified as a “nutritionally complete” food. This indication ensures that your puppy will not suffer nutritional deficiencies.

However, you can also supplement your diet with homemade recipes from time to time. If you would like to feed your dog with natural foods at home, consult the veterinarian so that it ensures that the pet gets all the essential nutrients in the correct proportion.

To avoid overweight and even obesity, you can bet on the use of natural treats of vegetables like carrots, for example, and other low-calorie ones that you find in the market. In this way, and knowing that Pekingese is not particularly active, you will ensure that you do not gain weight due to goodies.

Pekingese dog hair care

The hair of the Pekingese dog is long, abundant and silky , forming strands around his neck. Keeping it in good condition is essential so that the hair does not curl and so that your pet always has a lovely appearance so characteristic of Pekingese.

I recommend that you brush the coat daily , since this simple action is also perfect for strengthening the affective bond between the dog and the guardian. Also, it helps to keep the puppy disciplined in a very nice way. Pay special attention to the seasons of the moulting of what usually occurs in the spring and autumn.

Brushing is useful to eliminate dead hair, clean the dog (since it reduces the frequency of the bath) and easily detect the presence of parasites, nodes and lesions. It can also be useful to accustom the dog to being touched, ensuring that visits to the vets are easier!

You should bathe the Pekingese dog every 15 or 20 days at least, but the recommendation is a monthly bath so as not to damage the natural protection of his skin. Before bathing the Pekingese at home, it is necessary to untangle the sweat with a “rake” brush and then wash. Do not forget to brush at the end and dry very well as well as use shampoo specific for puppies.

If you decide to take the dog to a canine aesthetic salon, you can also choose to cut your hair, something very advantageous for times of heat. Do not forget to take care of the hair around your eyes so you do not disturb the pet or produce wounds.

Other dog care Pekingese

In addition to all that has been mentioned before, you can continue to take care of your Pekingese dog with all kinds of activities and games that allow mental stimulation. This makes the dog happy and does not develop behavior problems.

You can bet on the intelligence games at home or teach the basic commands to your Pekingese. All the time you dedicate to your Pekingese helps to strengthen your bond and enrich your day-to-day life!

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