How to Care for a Mini Pig

Taking care of a mini pig does not require special skills. But the little pigs really need the attention and time of their tutor. The swine is a docile and friendly animal suitable to be an excellent company for the human. He is extremely intelligent and easy to train, being able to learn tricks quickly. Before purchasing one, make sure that in your city there is a veterinarian qualified to serve you, they need specialized Veterinarian Doctors with experience in the species.

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Mini pig feeding

The pig is an omnivorous animal, so feeding a mini pigmust be balanced containing the nutrients necessary for it to grow healthy. The pig is a methodical animal. Routine is a very important factor, always try to feed it at the same times. Provide own ration for pigs. DO NOT use ration for other species such as rabbit or dog, as these rations are not suitable for pigs and can cause irreversible damage to their health. You can increase the diet with leaves, fruits and vegetables (as a snack morning or afternoon or as a reward, half a carrot or half an apple). Give at least 2 eggs a week, boiled with the rind (the rind is rich in bicarbonate of calcium, important for the development of bone structure). Always provide clean, fresh water for your pig, especially on hot days. But beware, theexcess food induces obesity , which totally compromises the welfare of the animal.

What is the weight of a mini pig?

The weight of a mini pig is a very controversial subject, since the vast majority of people imagine that a mini pig should fit inside a bag of a Yorkshire. They even fit when they are puppies, but as time goes on, they develop and gain body mass until they reach adulthood with an average of 50-70 kilos . When we compare a conventional pig that can easily reach its 400 kilos of weight with a miniature pig, we soon see the big difference and where the name “Mini pig” came from.

Preparing the environment to receive the piglet

Before getting a piggy, it is very important to prepare the environment to receive it. Try to create it in a controlled environment. Delimit the area where your piggy will stay and block environments where it can not transit. In this place, where your house will be, provide a bed that can be made with blankets and cushions. They should be very welcoming so that the little pig feels protected and welcomed. Check that there is no draft and place food and water canisters (preferably heavy, since the pigs have the habit of turning the pot to lie on top of the water).

Being very curious and intelligent, they easily develop the ability to open doors. To prevent theft of biscuits and bundles of pasta, close cabinets, doors and refrigerators with locks (those used for child proof), remove table objects (which may be breakable), and keep power cords at a distance (so that pets do not reach for them and chew).

Mini Pig – life time

According to literature, the life expectancy of a pig is 10 – 15 years but we already know of little pigs that exceeded that average, such as Max, the pet pig of the American actor George Clooney who died at the age of 18 natural causes. This fact did not only happen out there, here in Brazil the creator Flávia Abade, of the micropig ranch Brazil has a porquinha of 16 yearsthat was one of its first headquarters, that today lives in the ranch and enjoys a retirement more than deserved.

Bath in mini pig

Contrary to popular belief, pigs do not have bad smell , they do not have sweat glands (which produce sweat), so they do not eliminate odors through the skin. In addition, they are extremely clean animals, choose one or two places to do their needs, which is usually opposite the place of sleeping and eating. Thus, pigs are animals that do not take weekly baths, which are not necessary but can be harmful to their health. Bathing is recommended every 15 days , with neutral child shampoo and, after drying, use unscented moisturizing cream or vegetable oils such as coconut oil or olive oil to keep the skin of the pig moisturized and prevent dryness.

ATTENTION: Too much bathing removes the natural protection of the skin of the pig, leading to intense desquamation and can develop into wounds.

BEWARE of the sun: contrary to what many people think, the act of a pig wrapping itself in the mud is to protect its skin from the sun and not to enjoy being dirty. Therefore, on sunny days sunscreen should be worn on the back and ears.

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