How to Quell a Very Agitated Dog

Each dog has a different and very marked personality which makes it unique. Some are quiet, others are shy, others are playful, some are more nervous and others are very agitated. The problem is that the nerves can be a problem of stress and behavior that can affect your health and is not treated.

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It is important to find out what causes this nervousness, it may be due to a health problem, inadequate environmental conditions, poor education, reinforcement of that attitude or any other reason that you, as owner, will detect better than anyone. In this article of Animal Expert we show you some tricks to calm a dog very agitated , so that it can avoid health problems.

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Symptoms of nervousness

When a dog is very agitated and nervous he shows it through easily recognizable gestures and attitudes. The problem comes when nervousness begins to affect the health of your bigeye.

Just like that, an agitated dog can not stay quiet for a second. Run, jump and shake his tail violently. Also, if nerves are caused by something they do not like, they can try to escape, develop dependency on their owners, have tremors, and even become aggressive.

Your health may even be deteriorated since, if the state of nerves does not improve, you may lose your appetite or suffer a hair fall, for example. That’s why it’s so important to know a few tricks to calm a very hectic dog and to balance it in order to improve your happiness and your well-being .

Long and quality tours

Often the dog’s nerves are due to the fact that it has a lot of energy that does not burn . One way to make yourself comfortable is to provide you with long and quality tours, always adapted to your pace and condition. Let him smell the trees and urines of all kinds (do not worry, if you are vaccinated you have nothing to fear) since this way relax and know your surroundings.

Throughout the walk should convey to you an active but relaxed attitude at the same time, avoid exciting it too or create you any kind of anxiety. Although it is advisable to exercise at each tour, remember that some games (for example, the ball) can create anxiety in the dog. Opt for obedience exercise, start your dog in agility or just walk with it. In addition, it is highly recommended that you can socialize with other dogs whenever possible.

Control your own attitude

Your emotional state is reflected in your dog, so you should be calm. Breathe in peacefully and approach him with a soft voice whenever possible and avoid punishment, especially when you are extremely agitated.

On the other hand, prize quiet attitudes , whether at home or away. You can use food, but kind words can also be very effective.

Avoid very active games at home

When you are at home, it is best to play quiet games so the dog realizes that the house is a relaxed space . You can buy intelligence toys for him. Activities that involve jumping and racing leave them for when you are in the park.

Do not forget that kong is an excellent tool for treating anxiety in the home. It is a food dispensing toy that, because of its structure, makes it difficult for the dog to eat everything at once. In this way, it keeps you entertained for a good bit. Also, it is great for combating separation anxiety .


The moment you are behaving well take time to cuddle you for a long time. Start slowly through the head and down the rest of the body. In YourCatCareguide we show you how to relax a dog with affection , this because the physical contact is essential for the dog, a sociable and affectionate creature.

The caresses, in addition to relaxing, strengthen your affective bond, so do not doubt and spend more time with your best friend.

Talk to a professional

If you have tried all these tricks and still can not control the agitation and the nerves of your dog, it is time to contact a professional. It is important to point out that there are several people to whom we can appeal in these cases:

  • Holistic Vet : This professional, in addition to offering advice from a medical point of view, can advise drugs and homeopathy products that help the dog to calm down.
  • Canine Trainer or Educator : The main function of a canine trainer is to achieve harmony between the dog and the person, primarily focused on obedience. If your dog besides being agitated and nervous does not follow your directions, it will be a good idea to turn to this professional.
  • Etymologist : The Etymologist is a titled veterinarian who furthermore graduated in ethology, a branch of zoology that studies animal behavior. He is probably the best person for serious cases where immediate intervention is needed.

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