How do dogs show affection?

Decided to share your home with a dog? If you are an animal lover, this is one of the best decisions you can make, since few animals are as sociable as dogs, which demonstrate in many ways that they are actually man’s best friend. A dog is always in constant communication with his human family and the truth is that they usually make themselves understood very well, so much that they only need to talk. However, despite not speaking our language, it has been the goal of many experts to decipher the dog language and in this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain how the dogs show affection .

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Try to sleep near his owner

Sleeping with your dog? Then you should know that your dog agrees to sleep with you because he likes you.

When we say that dogs are social, we are referring to the fact that dogs, in order to feel good, need to move within the circle that they consider as their family or pack , or other dogs, cats or humans.

When it comes to sleeping they look for a place that comforts them socially and brings them security , so if your dog tries to sleep next to you consider that you are the most important support within your family.

When you’re with it, move your tail to the right.

Until recently it was considered that a dog showed happiness when it wagged its tail, but this is not always so, when a dog moves its tail to the left does not show happiness, but rather nervousness and restlessness , for example when facing an animal unknown.

On the other hand, when the dog wag its tail to the right, this is a demonstration of joy and happiness , if you do it when you are present, it means that your presence comforts you and is happy to see you , that is, you like you.

Lick it

The licks of the dog occur for different causes, however, among them we must emphasize that this is a gesture of affection and love. Licking is generally interpreted as the canine kiss, and the truth is that it is a fairly adequate approximation.

If your dog licks you is because he is looking for contact with you and using your licks to get his pampering, in addition it is a demonstration of affection that they learn from their mother, as she cleans and cares for her puppies when she licks them .

He’s always smelling it.

For dogs smell is the most important direction to get information from the environment, so their communication relies heavily on smelling.

Surely more than once he has seen how his dog smells it between his legs and, strange as it may seem to him this is a friendly gesture, it would be in canine communication the equivalent of a handshake.

Do not censor this act with a human eye, for when your dog smells it this way it is demonstrating that it is your friend.

How does your dog act when after an exit he returns home? Your reaction is the key to showing the love you feel for yourself .

Those dogs that wag their tails to the right, gasp, jump and run when the owner comes home again are showing happiness when they get back in touch with their human family, which should be interpreted as a gesture of affection.

Gently nibble

Surely you’ve seen more than once how your dog tries to get rid of fleas, as well as any other agent that is irritating your skin through soft, small, and continuous bites .

If you try to do the same on your skin it means that you like it because in canine communication this is a gesture of care and the dogs contemplate the sense of care and protection as part of their instincts , in addition to learning this from their mother when they are puppies.

Stays with you when you are sick

Did you know that dogs have the ability to perceive human pain? When it is not well, now it is a physical or emotional condition, your dog will stay by your side, and may even lean on you to show your love. This is another instinctive gesture, because being social animals, the sense of care is a priority for the survival of the circle, pack or family.

Follow him everywhere

Dogs do not like to be alone, but you should know that if your dog follows you everywhere you do not to avoid loneliness, but rather because you feel good when you are present and do not want to deprive yourself of it.

Of course dogs should have limitations, but should always interpret this as a demonstration of love as your puppy is looking for your well-being and gives you to understand that it is okay when you are by your side. It may be interesting to understand how the dog sees its owner .

Love in balance

Your dog can continually demonstrate to you through your body language that loves you, wants to take care of you and wants to be with you. And there are few animals that want as much as the dogs.

Of course, in order for your dog to be happy, you must return this love to him and let him know that you like him too. As we are able to perceive the affection of our dog, they also perceive very easily the manifestations of our love.

This does not mean that we should only give love to the dog, since the dog needs much more, but of course love is indispensable .

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