At what age can the dogs be separated from their mother?

Taking into account the psychological and physical spets of the development of a dog is fundamental to know at what age should be separated from its progenitor. Doing it ahead of time can be very harmful, leading to deficiencies in your growth or emotional imbalances.

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It is customary to fall in love with a dog when we see it, they are really adorable, however, we should take time to prepare the arrival of the dog, reflecting on the great responsibility that we will have, gathering all the necessary information and preparing the house for his arrival . Obviously, then we feel a great impatience to have it at home.

But the first thing we must deal with is not our impatience, but the animal’s needs, and it leads us to the question: At what age can dogs be separated from the hand ? In this article of Animal Expert we show you all the information you need.

When should the dogs be separated from their mother?

When we speak of the separation of the puppies from their mother we must first clarify that there is an essential time and another that is ideal. Taking into account two very important factors, socialization and breastfeeding, see next when to separate the dogs from their mother:


One of the most important reasons the dog should stay as long as possible with his mother is feeding, since only breast milk contains a nutritional composition that is exactly what the puppy needs for its proper development and maturity.

The milk of the bitch contains the colostrum, a substance that offers the puppies in the first days of life. Colostrum protects them from infection . After a while, the mother’s breast milk will provide the baby with all the nutrients essential for good growth, as well as defenses, enzymes and hormones. At this stage, the parent should be well fed, thus impacting better puppy health.

The socialization of the dog

In addition to breastfeeding, another very important aspect for which the dog should remain a minimum time with his mother is that the education of the same does not begin in the human family.

During the maternal time period the mother begins with the socialization of the dog , and teaches her how to communicate with her peers, this in turn strengthens the security of the dog, since the same, being a sociable animal has as need a sense of belonging to a litter. If a dog does not socialize properly, he may suffer behavioral problems in the future such as insecurity, fear and reactivity with others of the same species. Besides teaching you the basic rules of communication between dogs, your mother will also teach you how to act in the environment in which they live and living with other living beings (humans, cats, birds, etc.).

So, when should we separate a dog from its mothers?

The minimum time a dog should be with his mother is 6 weeks, during which time the dog begins to wean. However, the most common is that weaning lasts up to approximately 8 weeks of life. So yes, it’s the perfect time to separate the dog from your mother.

It should be noted that the longer the dog is with its mother, the better it will be for the same, so it is advisable to leave the dog next to its mother until approximately 3 months of age .

Problems due to premature weaning

Dogs should only be weaned prematurely in those cases in which the mother can not care for them for health reasons or behavioral disorders, in other cases, a minimum contact of 2 months with the mother is essential.

Bear in mind that premature weaning of a dog can give rise to several problems:

  • Decreased immune system response
  • Behavior disorders in adulthood
  • Hyperactivity and anxiety
  • Bad behavior with other dogs

If you want the best for your dog should expect

As you can see, prematurely separating a dog from its mother can involve numerous problems and contrary to what many people think, it does not help in adapting to the human home.

When a dog comes home you will still need a lot of important care , and you will be responsible for it, however, these care does not replace in any way the important role of the mother during the first months of the dog’s life.

In this sense, you should know that if you truly want the best for your dog, it is not recommended to have it before 2 months of age .

Advice to separate a dog from your mother

From the 8 weeks of life and, progressively, we must motivate the dog to start weaning. It should offer you moist food or dough ration, thus facilitating the adaptation to your new food.

It is important to note that we should not remove all dogs from the mother at the same time , especially before 8 weeks of age, since it can lead to depression in the dog as well as problems related to milk production, such as mastitis . On the contrary, if we wait long enough, the bitch will instinctively know that her dogs are independent and the separation will not be negative.

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