How often should the dog be bathed?

Dogs are part of our family and we share life, home and even, sometimes bed with them. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to maintain the hygiene of the animal. Also, it is important for your health, since a dirty dog ​​can develop various skin problems, have fleas or simply, smell bad. Because of the widespread fear that bathing a dog may harm his pH and his hair, many people wonder how often the dog should be bathed . Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and clarify your doubts.

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Dog Bath Myths

There are many myths about giving baths to dogs, some more successful than others. It is said that by giving them bath they lose the natural oils of their skin and impairs the pH, for example. This is not entirely true, as it can only affect your health if you wash it excessively or if you never wash it . Dogs get dirty and need a bath often, precisely to maintain their health.

It is also not true that water gets in their ears and causes ear infections if we take care of them. This can happen, but if we are careful we should not have problems.

Another myth is that if they smell of perfume, the other dogs will reject it. Remember that dogs have a well developed smell and smell so good that the shampoo leaves them, others will continue to smell the dog and there will be no problem of socialization.

This means that bathing your dog is not bad for your health or distracting others if you do it as often as necessary.

Long or short

The frequency of bathing is very different between short-haired and long-haired dogs. The latter need more care, as they have more where they can hide dust and dirt. So how often should you bathe the dog depending on the length of your fur? Follow these guiding recommendations:

  • Longhair dogs: once every 4 weeks.
  • Medium-haired dogs: once every 4 and 6 weeks.
  • Short haired dogs: once every 6 and 8 weeks.

Remember that you should wash them with specific shampoos for dogs , although you can also use natural products that do not harm your skin or hair. If you can not or can bath your dog at home , you can always use a canine hairdresser.

Maintaining hygiene

To prevent your dog from smelling badly and staying clean longer it is important to brush it often. It is preferable to brush it for a few minutes a day rather than once a month for an hour. When brushing it will eliminate dead hair and dust and will keep your dog clean longer. But remember that brushing does not replace the bath.

What if you give your dog a bath and after 3 days it gets muddy? You’ll have to bathe again. Do not worry if you have to bathe twice in an exceptional way, it will not harm your skin and for that.

If using dry shampoo can not give you a bath with water? Dry shampoo is used for exceptional occasions when you can not take a shower, for example, when the dog vomits during a car trip. Bathing is key to maintaining your hygiene and your health, so alternative remedies do not count.

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