How much water should a cat drink per day?

Cats need fresh, fresh water on a daily basis . They can be a bit special with the food, but with regards to the water, they are even more so. In addition to their scrupulous behavior, it is customary for homeowners to have difficulty calculating the daily amount that the cat drank throughout the day. Some have the tendency to drink little and others, on the contrary, too.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we explain how much water a cat should drink per day , entering variables such as age, sex and food. These are some of the points that we should bear in mind when answering our veterinarian about this so simple but at the same time problematic question.

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What does water intake depend on?

It can be a very complicated answer. Water intake may depend on the size of the cat, the season of the year and, as we all know, on its diet.

If our cat feeds only on commercial food, which only has about 10% water in its composition, we should give it between 60 to 120 ml more than cats that feed on moist food, which can contain up to 80 % of water. Thus, a cat fed only dry feed should drink more water than cats fed with moist food, all to stay properly hydrated.

If we refer to the age of the cat, we should know that older cats and kittens should drink more water than adults. But there is no rule for this in ages, only in weight. A 5 kg cat should drink 250 ml of water a day under normal conditions. It is always important to know how much water can hold our cat’s water fountain and, if possible, not fill until empty. However a cat should drink as much water as he wants, so it is always positive to encourage him with different containers in various places in the house so that he will never forget.

Lastly, it varies in small proportions depending on the time of year. It is not the same in summer, where they suffer from the heat, that in the winter, when they do not want to separate nor a second of the heater, nor to drink water. We must be rational in these cases so as not to unnecessarily alarm ourselves.

When should we care?

The extremes are never good, so you should start paying more attention to your cat if you drink too little or too much water. A dehydrated cat may have some symptoms, such as the following:

  • By the little bright and with scales
  • Slightly flexible skin (you can do the skin test on the neck. Pull the skin a bit and if it takes more than 2 seconds to return to normal the cat may be dehydrated ).
  • Reduced physical activity, apathy and bad mood.
  • Urine few times a day

Water deficiency, in very extreme cases can lead our cat to have problems in his urinary tract, such as crystals in urine, kidney stones, etc. Since chronic renal failure is the most common cause of death in older cats. Other problems will be visible on the skin, but may also check a bad odor in the mouth, ie halitosis.

The excessive intake of water or polydipsia , may indicate that the cat lost liquid on the other hand either through urine or other routes. Usually polydipsia will come accompanied by polyuria, a pathology that causes the cat to urinate more than normal. We can detect it if we look at more than three urine per day, even outside the sandbox. The changes should be gradual but when you notice them, it may be too late. We should consult the vet when we see that something is not right.

Tips for moisturizing a cat

  • Avoid plastic drinkers, since they often give off flavors that do not please the cat and stop drinking there. It is preferable that they be stainless steel or glass in various places in the house, especially important in older cats with reduced mobility.
  • Always keep the water fresh and clean.
  • Dry food can be moistened with a little fish broth or chicken (without salt or onion) or hot water to enhance the aromas and encourage the cat to drink more water.
  • Give him a small amount of moist food every day.
  • Do not stop drinking water from the tap because it is a habit cats love. Nowadays there are already small supplies for cats. Search on them.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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