How much does an elephant live?

Elephants or elephants are mammals classified in the order Proboscidea, although they were formerly classified in the Pachyderms. They are the largest terrestrial animals that exist today, known for being very intelligent. Two genera are known today, we speak of African elephants and Asian elephants.

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These animals live a long time , largely because they do not have natural predators. However, unlike other species of animals, captivity reduces their life time to just over half, which is a bit of concern for the conservation of the species.

In this article the Expert Animal will be able to find out how long an elephant lives , as well as several risk factors that reduce the life expectancy of these majestic animals.

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The life expectancy of the elephant

The elephants are animals that live many years in its natural habitat can reach live on average 40-60 years. Evidence has even been found to suggest that some specimens in Kenya may have lived up to 90 years .

The longevity that elephants can have are variables that change depending on the country where the animal lives and the environment in which it is found, as with any other animal. These animals have no natural enemies except man, which in some cases causes the life expectancy of the elephant to drop to 35 on average.

One of the things that worries the protection centers of this species, is that in captivity the elephants reduce too much their life expectancy. The most that elephants come to live in normal and deprived conditions of their wildlife, are 19 to 20 years of age. All this happens unlike most species that, in captivity, tend to increase their average life expectancy.

Factors that reduce the life expectancy of elephants

One of the biggest factors that prevent this majestic animal from living until 50 years old is man . The excessive hunting, thanks to the ivory trade, is one of the main enemies of the elephants, which greatly reduces the life expectancy of these animals.

Another fact that prevents a longer life for the elephant, is that at the age of 40 their teeth wear out, which prevents them from eating normally and therefore end up dying. Once they use their last teeth, death is inevitable.

In addition there are other health factors that prevent the elephant from having a longer life, for example arthritis and vascular problems, both factors related to its size and weight. In captivity, life expectancy reduces to more than half, thanks to stress, lack of exercise and extreme obesity.

Curious Elephants Life Facts

  • Young elephants giving birth before age 19 double their chances of living longer.
  • When the elephants are very old and almost dying, they look for a pool of water to stay there until their heart stops beating.
  • The documented case of the oldest elephant in history was that of Lin Wang, an elephant used by the Chinese Expeditionary Forces. In captivity, this animal arrived surprisingly at 86 years of age .

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