How many puppies can an English Bull Terrier

The English Bull Terrier is a breed of unique and sweet appearance. Its affectionate and handed character has made this dog breed really popular and appreciated by millions of people around the world.

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If you are thinking about having English Bull Terrier puppies this article is for you. Let us explain how many puppies you can have in a litter, what factors to take into account and how important the decision you are going to make. Think about it very well.

In the ExpertAnimal we will give you useful advice to make the right decision as well as on which depend some variables of the pregnancy. Keep reading to find out how many puppies an English Bull Terrier can have .

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How many cubs can you have?

The average puppies of the English Bull Terrier in a single litter are 5 puppies, however this number can vary greatly depending on different factors that we will explain to you next.

To begin with, you should consider the state of health of the mother, which should be ideal to be able to carry out a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. Bitches that reproduce in their early cios, are likely to have fewer pups.

On the other hand, the male is also relevant in this process. The more mature males will fertilize a larger number of eggs and the same will occur if they copulate several times.

An English Bull Terrier can have between 1 and 15 puppies in the same litter, depending always on the factors that we refer.

The Pregnancy of the English Bull Terrier

The pregnancy of the English Bull Terrier should be supervised by the veterinarian at all times to rule out possible related problems. Taking a pregnancy follow-up week to week will be critical in knowing what to expect and how to take care of the pregnant bitch.

However, it is very important to know that the English Bull Terrier mother is a bit impatient, nervous and excitable unlike what happens with other breeds. You should be prepared to take care of the puppies if they do not do it properly. It is essential to be clear about this point, because some mothers already get to crush their puppies causing them to die.

It should also be informed about possible birth problems that may occur and be ready to act if any of them occur.

Factors to consider

Before thinking about the pregnancy of an English Bull Terrier should take into account the following points. The responsibility for new lives falls directly upon you, so please inform yourself:

  • Avoid inbreeding : Joining two Bull Terrier specimens that have a degree of kinship can have serious genetic consequences for future offspring. When we carry out this type of activity we can observe genetic mutations, predisposition to certain diseases or serious health problems as well as fewer puppies.
  • Healthy Exemplars : Never think about breeding English Bull Terrier patients. The chances of a problematic pregnancy increase considerably. In addition, you should know that certain diseases can be transmitted to your children. Other health problems like osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia are really serious and one should never make breeding dogs that suffer from them.
  • Physical Defects : If your puppy suffers from any physical problem you should avoid at all cost to reproduce. A malformed jaw, poorly aligned bones or others can be transmitted to the aggravated puppies. It is not merely aesthetic question.
  • Economic Expenses : You should be prepared to spend a large amount of money if birth complications arise, if your dog needs an operation or if all the puppies are affected by an illness. Then you may need to give them artificial breast milk and put a chip on all the puppies, take that into account.
  • Male Size : The male should always be smaller than the female to prevent puppies from being too large and may become trapped.
  • Problems in childbirth : There are many problems that can arise in the birth of the bitch. He must be informed and prepared to act, for example in resuscitation of puppies and always have the veterinarian’s number at hand, in case the situation gets complicated.
  • Puppy Responsibility : You should know that you and the other Bull Terrier owner are responsible for the life of the puppies. You can not reject them, abandon them or sell them, nor give them to someone who is not going to take care of them properly. There are millions of English Bull Terrier abandoned all over the world, so do not let one of your puppies end up like this.
  • Puppy Care : As we explained to you the English Bull Terrier mother will not always take good care of her offspring. In fact, you are likely to have to take responsibility for all the care the newborn puppies need . Waking up at dawn, cleaning them and feeding them often will be some of your tasks. Failure to do so may result in the death of the offspring.

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