How many meters can a kangaroo jump?

The kangaroo is the best known of all marsupials; in addition, this animal has become the emblem of Australia, as it is distributed mainly in Oceania.

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We can emphasize numerous characteristics of this marsupial, for example the pouch in which suckles and transports its chicks, called marsupial, or its strong locomotor apparatus thanks to which the kangaroo reaches a great speed and height in its jumps.

Surely you’ve ever wondered how many meters a kangaroo can jump . Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will clarify your doubts.

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Kangaroo locomotive apparatus

The kangaroo, a large animal, is the only one that jumps around although this should not surprise us if we take into account its anatomy, which seems perfectly designed for this method of locomotion.

It is a marsupial that has very strong and very developed hind legs (especially if compared to the small dimensions of its front legs), of course the feet are also too large to allow the jump to jump, and its long tail and muscular is essential and ideal to give the kangaroo the balance he needs during the jump.

The kangaroo is able to jump by moving his hind legs at the same time .

Kangaroo movement speed

The most comfortable speed for the kangaroo when traveling by jumping is approximately 20-25 km / hour. However, they are capable of reaching a speed of 70 km / hour . They can handle perfectly for 2 kilometers a speed of 40 km / hour, not being able to handle this distance with higher speeds.

Although this may seem like a great effort for the kangaroo, it is the most economical means of travel (energetically speaking), as it only consumes a small fraction of energy compared to the requirement to move otherwise.

In fact, the kangaroo does not walk well and when it has to move at low speeds it uses the cause as a tripod along with the front legs.

Length and height of kangaroo jumps

The kangaroo advances with each jump an approximate distance of 2 meters, however, when there is some predator in a flat and unobstructed terrain, only one jump is able to cover a distance of 9 meters .

Kangaroo jumps can reach a height of 3 meters , giving rise to a unique spectacle to all people who are fortunate enough to observe this animal in its natural habitat.

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