How many boxes of sand per cat? We have the answer!

Cats are one of the most amazing pets we can have. They are excellent companions, fun, independent and above all clean! Everyone knows that cats do all their needs in the sandbox or litter box. This fact is one of the main reasons why many people choose to have one of these animals as they do not need to carry them on the street every day.

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Since cats are very sociable animals, it is common for some people to choose to have more than one cat. It is at this point that the question arises of how many litters of sand we should have. Many people only have a sandbox at home, used by several cats. Is this correct? YourCatCareguide wrote this article to clarify this doubts about how many litters of cats we should have. Keep reading!

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I have two cats, how many boxes of sand do I need?

Houses with two feline inhabitants are very common. For this reason, many of our readers ask us “I have two cats, how many litters do I need?”

According to experts in feline behavior, it is advised to have the number of litters equal to the number of cats plus one (n + 1, being in the number of cats) [1] [2] . So if you have two kittens, the ideal would be to have 3 boxes of sand .

A number of adequate litter boxes are essential to prevent behavioral problems and even medical problems such as feline idiopathic cystitis, for example.

Of course, some houses with lots of cats use fewer litters and have no problem with that. However, in these cases the cleaning of the box is essential and the tutors come to clean the boxes 4 times a day, ensuring that they are always clean. You should remember that what cats most cherish is hygiene and the fact that the litter box has some waste may be enough for it to no longer use it and make the necessities out of the box .

If you have more than one cat and some of them are urinating at home , this may be the origin! Increase the number of litters and your problem can be a quick fix.

Cats are very territorial animals and some cats do not like to share their litter box . To avoid problems, the ideal is even if each one has his or her litter and if possible an extra, as advised by the experts. Even if in the case of your cats they do not mind dividing the box, keeping an extra in another room is always advised. Imagine that for some reason the cat got scared where the litter box is, he has somewhere else to make them need it!

Types of litter boxes for cats

The type of litter box is also very important as it is also one of the reasons that causes cats to urinate or defecate outside the litter.

If you have several cats, take the opportunity to have different types of boxes to see which ones are preferred for each cat.

In any case, keep in mind that some types of boxes are more advised than others. Read our article on the best litter box for cats and learn all about it!

Automatic Sandbox for Cats

The automatic cat litter box is an excellent choice for tutors who do not have time to always clean the box and especially those with multiple cats, ensures that there is always a clean litter bin ready to be used.

Of course the high price of these boxes does not allow most people to have several boxes of this kind suitable for the number of cats. However, you can choose to have one of these boxes and the rest are the simplest. Remember that the box should be wide enough for the cat to turn around on its own and that the higher sides prevent the cat from spreading sand all over the side . According to most tutors who bought this kind of boxes, they are a good investment.

Types of sand for cats

The type of sand is also very important. You should keep in mind that cats have different preferences . Ideally, you should try to find out what kind of sand each of your cats prefers and use that type of sand in their box. However, most cats prefer fine-grained, odor-free sands.

Read our article on the best hygienic sand for cats and find out the advantages of each type of sand and expert opinion on this matter.

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