How many hours does a dog sleep a day?

Many people believe they have a sleeper dog, however, we must take into account several factors for what we can say. It is also very interesting for those people who consider that their dog does not sleep enough hours.

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Dogs go through the same phases of sleep as humans, they have dreams and nightmares, just like us. It also happens, especially with brachycephalic or flat nose breeds, who snore a lot or move and even begin to make small noises. In this article the expert explains how many hours a dog sleeps a day , whether it is normal for his race and age or simply if he is a sleeper.

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Depending on age

It is customary that anyone who has just adopted a dog wants to have it all day with the family, playing and watching it grow, however, is not at all good for them. The smaller they are, the more they must sleep to regain their strength, to become ill and to be very healthy and happy, as we want them to be.

The early days tend to be a bit chaotic, especially if there are kids at home. The dog should become accustomed to the new noises and movements of the family. We should give them a good place to rest, away from the movement zones (hall or hall, for example) with something that isolates the soo as a mantle or mattress and put it in the place where you can rest from here on . Creating positive customs is always simpler in puppies than in adults, do not forget that.

  • Up to 12 weeks of life can sleep up to 20 hours a day. It can be a bit boring for many owners, but it is healthy for the dog. Remembering that they are going through a phase of adaptation to the new home and family. Then they will start to stay up for more hours. Do not forget that the dog’s sleep hours are very beneficial for improving learning and memory.
  • Adult dogs , we consider those who are more than 1 year old, can sleep up to 13 hours a day, although they are not followed. It can be 8 hours at night and small naps when they come back from a walk, after playing or simply because they are bored.
  • Older dogs , over 7 years old, usually sleep several hours a day, just like the puppies. They can sleep up to 18 hours a day but depending on other traits such as arthritis, they can sleep even more.

Depending on the time of year

As you can imagine, the time of year we meet also influences a lot to know how many hours our dog sleeps. In the winter, dogs usually get lazier and spend more time at home, looking for a warm place and do not feel like going out for a walk. In times of cold and rain, dogs usually sleep longer.

On the contrary, on summer days , it may be that the heat is disturbing the hours of sleep. We can see that our dog goes more often during the night to drink water or that it changes of place to sleep because it is very hot. They often look for cold floors such as the bathroom or cooking, or those who are more lucky, under some fan or air conditioning.

Depending on the physical characteristics

It is important to keep in mind that the dog will sleep according to its characteristics and daily routine. On days when you have a great physical activity , you will surely need more sleep or you may also notice that the small naps will be longer and deeper.

The same happens with dogs that get very stressed when we receive visitors at home . They are very social and want to be the center of the meeting. When it all ends, they sleep more than expected because they have been very active. The same happens during trips that they can either sleep the whole trip, not to realize what happens, or to be exhausted that when they arrive they just want to sleep, not wanting to eat or drink.

What we should not forget, is that dogs like people, need to sleep to restore energy and reactivate their body. Lack of sleep, as with us, can alter the character and customs of the dog.

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