How many hours does a cat sleep a day?

If you are envious of the amount of hours your cat sleeps, do not worry, you’re not the only one! Whether it is on his bed, a sofa, in the sun, on his computer and in the most strange and surprising places, sometimes even very uncomfortable, the cat is an expert in selecting the ideal place to take a nap , investing in him much of his time.

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Although it sounds incredible, the cat’s organism needs all that rest for it to be healthy. Are you curious to know how many cats are sleeping? So you can not miss this YourCatCareguide article where we explain how many hours a cat sleeps a day .

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How many hours does a baby cat sleep?

If you’ve ever had a litter of newborn kittens at home, know that they spend many hours sleeping, which may cause some doubts in human “dads”. Either way, if the kittens wake up to eat and are washed by their mom, you do not have to worry about anything.

Surely you’ve wondered how many hours a kitten cat sleeps. During the first days of life, up to about 4 or 5 weeks, the feline puppies sleep 90% of the day, which makes about 20 hours of sleep a day . Is all this time of rest necessary? The reality is that yes, while the kittens sleep a hormone is released that stimulates the growth . For this reason, all these hours of sleep contribute to a good development of the puppy in the stipulated period. That’s why kittens sleep a lot .

Although they are asleep, the kittens are not totally inactive. It is quite common to watch them move their paws in their deep sleep, stretching their still helpless claws and shaking their bodies. While they are puppies, these are the movements necessary for them to do enough exercise to develop without problems.

After the fifth week of life , the puppies dramatically decrease the number of hours of sleep, spending about 65% of the time sleeping. You will notice that during the time you are awake, you start joking in addition to eating. Kittens are very curious and they do a lot of pranks!

How many hours does an adult cat sleep?

After the fifth week of life and before the age of one, the puppies sleep 65% of their time, as we already told you. As they reach adulthood , the average number of hours they spend sleeping a day increases again, with about 70-75% of the time spent sleeping. That is, they spend around 15 to 16 hours a day sleeping. It is about one year old that cats reach adulthood, although in some breeds it may take some more time.

Although they need long periods of rest, adult cats do not sleep all 16 hours at a time. You sure have noticed that kittens make lots of naps throughout the day in different spaces of the house where they feel comfortable. In addition to several naps, the cat goes through stages of deep sleep once or twice a day.

What about old cats?

“Old age” and feline old age occur with slight differences depending on the races. In general, we consider that the cat is elderly when it exceeds twelve years of age . Probably you will not notice any difference in the feline’s outward appearance but little by little his habits become more sedentary and his personality calmer. Only in very old cats (about 15 to 18 years old) or very sick, a visible physical deterioration is observed.

Older cats decrease physical activity and proportionately increase the number of hours of sleep. Older cats sleep considerably longer, occupying about 80 to 90 percent of their day , that is, from 6 pm to 8 pm , much like when they were puppies.

Why do cats sleep a lot?

There is no unanimous agreement as to why cats spend so many hours sleeping. Some studies indicate that cats afford to sleep so much, including in nature, because they are good hunters and get food from them much faster than other species do. In winter, they sleep even longer hours so that they lose less body heat . It is also for this reason that they look for the hottest places to rest (like your computer).

Other reasons that lead the cat to sleep many hours may be he is bored or spending too much time alone. While you’re not home, your cat takes a nap. If when you get home, your feline continues with a very sleepy attitude, consider playing more with him . Of course, you should never interrupt his natural sleep, as this can lead to behavior problems and stress . If you have another pet at home, they can have fun together when you are not, which is very beneficial to balance the hours of physical activity and the hours of sleep.

Many people believe that cats are strictly nocturnal animals and that is why they sleep during the day. In fact, the cat also sleeps at night!

Cats Sleep – Phases of Feline Sleep

As we have already told you, the sleep of the cats is divided into a series of naps and a stage of deep sleep. Naps are usually fast, the cat stays relaxed but at the same time is alert to everything that happens around him, so he wakes up very easily. If there is nothing to wake him up, he continues with his sleep, enters REM sleep or deep sleep, during which you can watch his extremities moving. Also through closed eyelids you can observe eye movements. Sometimes we can also watch their noses moving to smell better as if they were awake to smell their favorite food. It was these movements that allowed us to conclude that cats are capable of dreaming and perceiving stimuli that come from the outside.

As you can see, the cat spending hours sleeping is perfectly normal . It will only be a sign of concern if the cat sleeps too much , not getting up at any time to eat, drink, make his needs and / or play with you.

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