How many cats can I have at home?

Cat aficionados would welcome thousands of these animals: they are clean, beautiful, affectionate, fun, have a great personality … However, it is customary to stop and think about how many cats we can have at home . Are there too many?

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Especially if we have more than two, it is imperative to reflect on this topic, simply assess whether it is correct or not and what may involve having many cats in a house or apartment. For example, does it affect your well-being? Are you happy living in large communities? Then, in YourCatCareguide we solve all this doubts.

How many people live in the house?

It is very important to understand that all cats, no matter how independent, need affectionand the attention that sometimes we can give them (especially in cats that are very introverted or do not know how to relate to other cats), so It is estimated that we can have as many cats as we have.

That is, a couple could have up to four cats, whereas a single person may be convenient that has only two. We must emphasize that this is a generic indication and that there are people who live with “more cats than the account” but can cover well their affective needs and other needs.

Why is not it convenient to have lots of cats together?

If we spend many hours away from home, yes it is advisable to have a couple of cats, mainly so that they do not suffer all the time we are away from home. However, having 10 cats or more at home is not an ideal situation, especially for the following reasons:

  • Can we cover all your basic needs? Having a high number of cats at home can skyrocket our spending on food, sand and toys.
  • Do we take into account the good health of all of them? Although at the beginning they are all vaccinated, sterilized and chipped, the spread of a virus can affect them all, so veterinary expenses can increase enormously. If we can not afford such a situation (however unlikely it is) we do not have the ideal number of cats in our home.
  • Can we dedicate the same time to everyone? Cats, in addition to social contact, also need mental stimulation not to feel bored. For example, playing with them , brushing them or simply taking them into account in our day to day life is key to making them feel happy. If you do not spend time with your cats, in a short time you will begin to observe destructive behaviors and even stereotypies .
  • Do we know the personality of our cats? Identifying the feline language and knowing the character of each of our cats is very important to know if they are well, if they need more attention than the rest, if we are to strengthen their exploratory behavior, etc. Having too many cats may cause you to not notice certain behaviors that accurately focus our attention on health-related issues, for example.

I have lots of cats in my house, what do I do?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are likely to have more cats than you should. Think about whether this is the right attitude or whether you should look for other homes for your felines.

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