How long does a cat live?

To welcome an animal is to become responsible for its life, for this reason we must know well its life time, the time that will accompany our family. If we will not be able to meet your needs we should look for another pet.

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Cats are animals that live many years and that can accompany us for a long time. Today, thanks to vaccination, high-quality animal feed and the proximity of the veterinarian, this time increases considerably.

Want to know how long a cat lives ? In this article the Expert Animal will discover the average life as well as some tricks and advice to improve and try to increase your longevity.

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The cat, an animal of great longevity

As we mentioned before there are factors that can increase or relate to the stage of life of a cat. Among them we find the food, the absence of diseases and the care that he receives during his life.

As a general rule we can estimate that a cat lives between 15 and 20 years . We can not say exactly how long a cat’s life will last since with an illness it may not last for 15 years and in certain cases it may reach over 20 years of life. Each cat is unique and its life expectancy is as well

How to increase my cat’s longevity

Among the care of a cat we highlight fundamentally the food that must be of quality and optimal for your nutritional needs. If you do not know what feed you can give your cat, consult your veterinarian. Sometimes, when they get older, cats often need a specific food, not just a ligth but a special one for heart problems, for allergies, etc.

You should also be aware of the exact amounts that it requires since an overweight can lead to obesity in the cat , a very harmful thing that reduces life expectancy (especially in old age specimens).

Also it will be important that you occasionally offer him rations of moist food , because due to drinking too little water, the cat is an animal that needs an extra hydration. Help him with this type of cat food, he’ll love it!

Another indispensable requirement will be to be attentive to the health of our cat and to resort to the veterinarian before any symptoms of disease. Some of the most common diseases are:

  • allergy
  • bronchopneumonia
  • the flu
  • otitis
  • conjunctivitis
  • waterfalls
  • indigestion

You can prevent the appearance of serious diseases by vaccinating your cat and restricting your access to the outside. If instead you want him to leave and enter the house freely you should deploy him a location chip.

Finally we must provide a constant hygiene to the objects of the cat including the bed, the feeders, sandbox, toys … And very important: we must change the water very regularly .

Moreover the cat is an animal that requires attention and affection on the part of its owners to be well socialized. Especially if you are overweight we should stimulate the cat to play and exercise .

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