How long does a rabbit live?

Today we will focus on something you need to know about these small, long-eared pets that never cease to amaze us. The rabbit is a common companion animal known for its warmth and sweetness. Still, those who decide to adopt a rabbit may not find much information on the internet, as in the case of cats or dogs. So many owners are wondering when a rabbit lives and what they can do to increase their life expectancy. To clarify your doubts, continue reading this article by YourCatCareguide.

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The life expectancy of the rabbit depends on what?

Rabbit as a pet is a quiet and friendly companion , in which we can find a diversity of characters and personalities. Some rabbits may be more reserved, more timid, and even more hospitable, and on the contrary, they may quite like human caresses and contact with humans. How to treat this animal since childhood will always influence your personality , because if we are careful, we understand your language and treat them delicately will be simpler that eventually gain confidence and are right on our side. This will directly impact the happiness and well-being of the rabbit.

Although we may think that these are unusual cases, you may even go for a walk in quiet, green parks. All the care we can give you to make your life better will be rewarded with a better company and a better relationship with it. So you can enjoy a happy and radiant rabbit.

In fact, the life expectancy of these lagomorph mammals is very different depending on the species we are talking about, since we can consider up to 50 different types. But to get an idea, a wild rabbit could get up to age 3 or 4 due to circumstances such as weather, predators and the availability of food in between. On the contrary, a domestic rabbit can live from 6 to 8 years .

But that’s not all. Something that will make the rabbit alive or less is the well-being and happiness it can provide. Teaching him tricks, giving him his favorite food and devoting time and affection to him are some of the things that can make his rabbit live for much longer than the life expectancy for these animals. The rabbits with a happy and healthy life can live up to 10 years and as a curiosity to know that the rabbit that lived longer was 19.

Other factors to stimulate rabbit welfare

The truth is that, as we said at the outset, rabbits are more complicated pets than they look and need a lot of care. Therefore, having a healthy life will be the first thing they depend on. To improve the welfare of your rabbit must take into account the following factors:

  • Hygiene : It is very important that we take care of the hygiene of our pet and the place where it lives. Failure to do so may lead to parasites, illness, and depression.
  • Vaccination : If you are considering taking your rabbit to the forest it is vital that you are vaccinated. Curiosity is one of the characteristics of the rabbit and we must foster it without any risk.
  • Brushing : Essential for the long-haired breeds, it is very important to brush it to keep the skin healthy and the hair off.
  • Exercise : In the morning and late afternoon are the two most suitable times for the rabbit to exercise. In nature they usually exercise constantly. We can let him go out and run around the house, and he can also prepare courses with tubes and cardboard boxes.
  • Jokes : You can also play with your rabbit to encourage interaction with him and brighten his day. Do not chase after him . Play with a ball or other soft objects.

Having a rabbit as a pet does not mean taking care of it only for a while, it means having a home mate with your needs and their benefits, with whom we share time and company, which will mark at least 6 or 7 long years of our life .

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