How long does a mutt live?

A dog will always be a dog, with or without a pedigree, but what makes them different? Unbridled dogs are adored by some and rejected by others for different reasons: one does not know how they will be when they grow up, one does not know if they will have much or little for, one does not know if the character will be good or not … There are many the questions we ask when we have a dog without a breed, but we will try to clarify some of this article.

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At YourCatCareguide we want to help you with all these doubts that may arise when adopting a pooch, and one of the most frequent is how long a pooch lives . This is one of the most frequently asked questions in veterinary medicine and, in our opinion, one of the most difficult questions to answer, why next.

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Life expectancy of a mutt

It is very common to hear that mutts live longer than purebred dogs. Is it a myth or reality? The vats are extremely strong and over the years the most resistant specimens of the different environmental conditions have been reproduced. These characteristics make us able to confirm that they are individuals with a longer life expectancy, having a life expectancy of 16 to 18 years , with records of up to 20 years.

But it is important to remember that life expectancy is very much related to the lifestyle they follow: poor diet, poor quality of life or deficiencies in their health are variables that can influence life expectancy. Each dog is different, we can only estimate the life expectancy and never confirm how much a dog will live, with or without papers.

The mutt has some qualities that make it unique and unrepeatable. Although we can not predict their behavior or life expectancy as they try to do in races, they are very intelligent animals with a strong capacity to adapt to the environment and to different situations. It is these same specimens that have given rise to the pure races. The latter are time-delayed and genetically modified mutts.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the richness and variety of mutton blood , unlike depleted blood and high consanguinity in breed dogs, favors a longer life expectancy and a lower risk of suffering from health problems.

History of the Mutt

The dog without pedigree or mutt only has something that characterizes it, which is the fact of belonging to the family kennels family , so we know that it is a dog.

Its origin lies in the tertiary age, the product of several crosses between the wolves. This was known as a random crossing, without the intervention of man , so the only purpose was the continuity of the species. Thus, increasingly resistant specimens arose, since the weak or sick died and often did not reproduce, giving rise to a “very strong race.” It is a natural crossing from which we do not know their ancestors.

The different mixtures of blood in the crosses makes them enjoy the ” hybrid vigor “, which is no more than the resistance obtained to diseases inherited by consanguinity. This is pure logic, healthier individuals have greater fertility and chances of breeding than the weak or sick.

History helps us to better understand the life expectancy of these specimens in order to answer the question posed in the title in the best possible way.

Mutt Features

In addition, mutts have no disadvantage in relation to breed dogs, which makes them quite interesting. With breed dogs, the only thing we can rest easy about is that they possess the characteristics we seek, and yet we often encounter exceptions in race, for animals, like humans, are unique beings .

Like us, your temperament will be linked in part to the genetics it brings, and to a large extent, to the environmental factors it is currently developing and / or developing. These animals differentiate themselves if they are raised on the street, in a family home, with a balanced environment or are rescued from improper situations. Providing them with love and a healthy environment are extremely faithful and loving, it is enough to see them with the face of happiness to understand the love they feel for their “human pack.”

In addition, we can train them in different activities , such as the most common breeds such as rescue dogs or therapy dogs.

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