How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

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How long can cats go without food? It depends on the animal. There are different conditions that will affect a cat’s ability to digest and absorb food and therefore will result in not getting food for a longer period of time. The main thing is to keep your pet healthy and happy and it should take your pet at least six months before they will start to gain weight again.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food
How Long Can Cats Go Without Food

Signs To Know How Long Can Cats Go Without Food!

Cats can take anywhere from six weeks to up to six months before they begin to gain weight. During that time you may notice them eating less food and moving around more, this is normal behavior and it will get better as they gain weight. When they do start to gain weight the first thing to look for is excessive hair loss. This is a sign that the cats need to be fed again because they have become used to eating less.

When your cat’s body starts to digest and absorb food faster than normal, your cat will have more fat stored in their body. As they are losing excess fat you will notice your cat walking differently, they are probably trying to shed fat off their bodies instead of storing it. This is a common side effect and is not harmful to your cat’s health. After that, you may notice your cat trying to have more food, but this could cause them to develop a weight problem.

Feline diabetes occurs when your pet’s body does not have enough insulin to process sugar or the body cannot process the right amounts of insulin. If this happens to your cat, it will have high blood sugar which is not good for them. You will want to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible so that the disease can be treated. Feline diabetes has a high mortality rate, so if you notice any signs of the disease you should make an appointment to be evaluated by the veterinarian.

Feline pancreatic cancer is also common and can be fatal. You should take your pet to the vet the same day that you notice any of the above symptoms. If your cat begins to lose its appetite or has blood in the urine it could be due to this disease. This can be treated with a course of chemotherapy. When you take your pet to the vet to have a checkup for pancreatic cancer, you should also ask them how long your pet has gone without eating.

Cats eat anywhere from six to eight times a day. Their digestive systems work really well at first but over time your cat will be able to digest food better and be able to handle it better. Your cat’s metabolism will improve and they will get the vitamins they need through their food.

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