How is the vision of the dogs?

There are many myths that involve dog vision. A few years ago dogs were said to see black and white while now theories point to another direction that includes other shades than monochromatic .

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will detail the peculiarities of canine vision, as well as some curiosities that involve dogs in this frequently asked question.

Keep reading to find out if dogs see color as well as some curiosities about their day-to-day related vision.

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The myth of black and white

Knowing exactly the possibilities that canine vision offers is not as easy to explain as anyone may suppose. The human being is not able to identify exactly what his level of ocular yield, nevertheless, is a false affirmation that the dogs see black and white .

Thinking that your vision is limited is a tremendous mistake since the dog is a natural predator that must use its senses in its hypothetical day to day wild. Imagine wolf seeing evil? Unable to pursue its prey? However, the canine vision is not as rich as that of the human being , adapted for centuries to strong visual and creative impacts.

The vision of dogs to detail

Dogs have in their ocular retina two color receptors unlike humans, which have three. Receptors include cones and rods (for daytime and night vision respectively) and are found in the retina. The neurons that make up the retina allow you to analyze colors, calculate distances or the size of objects, which is fundamental for survival.

The fact that having two receptors instead of three shows that dogs can have a poorer quality view than humans, much richer in detail. However, this does not mean that dogs see worse or distorted, simply embracing a lower range of colors .


Evidence from experts around the world states that dogs come in color . They also determine that they are able to differentiate colors , measure distances, see objects of their interest among others. It is very interesting the way the dogs see their owner .

That their capacity is not as high as that of the human being is true, but this does not mean that in any case they see it unfocused or do not properly identify the colors.

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