How fast can a cheetah get?

The cheetah or cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus ) is the fastest terrestrial animal when we consider the tip speed.

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It reaches 100-115 km / h and is able to keep them during a short run, from 400 to 500 meters, in which it hunts its prey. But there is something even more important than the maximum speed in the case of the cheetah, it is its acceleration. How do cheetahs get over 100 km / h in just 3 seconds?

Discover this and more in this Expert’s article about how fast a cheetah can reach .

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Different from other felines

When we analyze the differences between cheetah and leopard, we verify their morphological differences , it is understood that the cheetah is perfectly adapted to the race, in soils that could be slippery and that besides counting on a body more aerodynamic than other felines, has the ability to not lose acceleration with the changes of direction. This is due to your nails, not retractile, very solid and not as sharp as in the other felines (except for an internal claw of the hind legs).

The cheetah’s claws penetrate the ground during abrupt changes of direction and give the cheetah the ability to be also the terrestrial animal with greater acceleration and deceleration .

With this, often a cheetah does not have to reach its maximum speed to catch a prey, since it can achieve it with speeds of about 60 km / h, considering that its step is able to increase its speed in 10 km / h and that the power during the acceleration of a cheetah can reach 120 watts per kg, twice as much as a greyhound . As a curiosity, Usain Bolt’s power record is 25 watts per kg.

Surprising even for zoologists

The scientific community did not notice the incredible values ​​of cheetah power and acceleration until the year 2013, although the particular characteristics of the cheetahs’ claws were studied in the 1970s.

These values, combined with zigzag ability to accelerate or decelerate as they see fit, show that the cheetah is even more surprising and intelligent, as it adapts to the characteristics of the floor of its prey trying to expend as little energy as possible.

It is important to note that the hunting system of the cheetah requires a high energy consumption for each attempt and that it does not count on the power in the time to shoot down its prey of the lion, the tiger or the leopard. You must attack when you have many chances of success .

Just before this discovery, another research team found that the distribution of different types of muscle fibers in the cheetah differs from that of other felines as well as from the distribution of canids.


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