He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – How Does Your Cat Show Affection?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – How Does Your Cat Show Affection?
Today we’re going to have some fun. How does your kitty show his affection for you? Take this little quiz to find out how much you really know about your cat…

1. If your cat licks you, it means:

a) you taste like a dead mouse.
b) you need a bath.
c) he likes you.
d) your hand lotion reminds him of catnip.

2. Your kitty shows how much he loves you by:

a) peeing in your shoes.
b) sending you emails that say “i luv u.”
c) kneading your stomach and purring.
d) running down to the store and buying you chocolate.

3. When your kitty rubs his head on you, he’s:

a) showing you who’s the boss cat.
b) marking you with his scent to show you belong to him.
c) trying to hypnotize you.
d) sharing his fleas.

4. If your kitty rubs his gums on you, it means:

a) he’s teething.
b) he’s tasting you to see if you’re good to eat.
c) his gums are itchy.
d) he’s putting his scent on you to identify you as his.

5. Your kitty brings you a really cool present, like a dead mouse, because:

a) you’re too little and dumb to take care of yourself, so he has to feed you.
b) he wants to give you something neat.
c) he feels like he’s in a safe place.
d) he knows you won’t eat it, so he’ll get to eat it himself later on, but in the meantime you’ll think he’s a great cat because he gave you a present.

And now for a bonus question! What does it mean when your cat blinks at you?

a) he’s flirting with you.
b) he’s saying “I love you.”
c) he has something in his eye.
d) he’s trying to do a Vulcan mind-meld with you.

OK, now to find out how you did…

  • Why does your cat lick you? Because he likes you, and he shows it by grooming you. Mama cat grooms her kittens by licking them, and kittens learn to associate being licked with the safe secure feeling they have around their mom. If you adopt two kittens who are littermates, they’ll groom each other their whole lives. And when your cat licks you, he’s showing you his affection.
  • Your kitty also shows his love for you by kneading your stomach and purring. When you cat was a kitten, his mama’s purr guided him to her nipples so he could nurse. Kittens learn that mama’s purr means warm milk and a full tummy. And kittens purr back when they’re warm and happy and full of milk.Kittens knead their mama’s teats to keep that nice warm milk flowing. When your cat kneads you, he’s feeling relaxed and happy. Some cats get so relaxed, they start to drool! I’ve had a couple of cats who did that.
    Once your kitten grows into a cat, he still purrs. Cats soothe themselves by purring if they are stressed or upset. If you kitty is sitting in your lap, purring and totally relaxed, his purring probably means that he feels cared for by you, just like he felt cared for by his mama.
  • When you cat rubs his head on you, he’s marking you with his scent. Basically, he’s saying, “We belong together because I smell you on me, and you smell me on you.” He doesn’t know that your sense of smell isn’t as good as his is! Unless he’s just been sprayed by a skunk, you won’t smell a thing.
  • If your feline friend is rubbing his gums on you, he’s marking you as belonging to him.
  • Contrary to what we want to think, your cat’s offering of a dead mouse isn’t really a present. Actually, what he’s saying is that “I’m bringing this here because it’s safe here.” He’s complimenting you by telling you how safe he feels around you.

How did you do? Do you need the bonus question?

Your kitty says “I love you” by blinking. He shows that he trusts you by staring at you, and then blinking his eyes. He’ll open them and then blink a second time, more gently than the first time. Try this if you’re trying to gain a cat’s confidence.

How does YOUR kitty show his affection? Leave a comment and tell us!

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