How does the dog see its owner?

This is a very frequent question among all of us who live with these bigeyes on a daily basis. How do you see my dog? Does my pet see the world the same way I do or other animals?

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To answer this question, YourCatCareguide created this article that addresses this topic in detail so that you better understand how the dog sees his owner and the world around him, the colors he sees and at what age his vision evolves. Keep reading!

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When do dogs start seeing?

At birth, the puppy is blind and it is around 3 weeks of age that the dogs open their eyes and begin to see.

It is about 5 weeks of age that the dogs have fully developed peripheral vision. Between 5 and 7 weeks is the ideal age to start training your puppy , since it is already somewhat independent of the mother and most of her senses developed. Always remember to control the stimuli during training so that training is not confusing and your little one learns faster!

At about 3 months of age, your puppy reaches the adult sight.

How does the dog see the human being?

Unlike humans, dogs do not want to look at computers and cell phones, their concerns are more about survival, and their vision is adapted to that. He spends his day observing his surroundings and seeing his beloved family. His vision is very different from ours, so he does not see it in the same way you do to him.

The dog’s vision, the way he sees the world, results from several factors:

  • Ability to measure distances (visual field and depth perception): It is the position of the eyes on the animal’s head that will determine the degree of peripheral vision of the animal and the amount of visual field it can see with both eyes, the so-called binocular vision . It is this that will allow him to see in depth and correctly measure the distances. The field of vision of the dogs is 240 º while ours, humans is 200 º. On the other hand, binocular vision of humans is greater than that of dogs.
  • Ability to focus objects (visual acuity): This is the ability to focus on different objects and let you know that they are about different things. The cornea and lens are responsible for this ability!
  • Perception of movement : Dogs have a very sensitive view of movement. There are even studies that say they can detect moving objects or animals up to 800 meters!
  • Color Differentiation : Cones are the retinal cells that determine the perception of colors when they are stimulated by light of different wavelengths. I’m sure you’re wondering if your dog sees black and white as everyone says. Let’s answer that question already!

Does the dog see in color or black and white?

Dogs do not see colors as humans do, but the statement that they see black and white is a myth!

As mentioned before, are cells in the retina called cones that receive light with different wavelengths that allow you to perceive different colors . While humans have sensitivity to 3 different colors ( incarnate , blue and green ) and for that reason they are said to have a trichromatic vision , the dogs are sensitive to only 2 colors ( blue and yellow ), ie have a vision dichromatic .

Dog sits in the dark?

Yes! That’s right you read, dogs can see in the dark and this is one of the most important traits they have inherited from their wolf ancestors, perfect night hunters!

The pupil of the dog has a great capacity of dilation and this allows that as thin as light is, stimulate the retina ! In the retina there is a layer of cells with reflective capacity called tapetum lucidum, characteristic of nocturnal mammals that we humans do not have.

Of course, in total darkness he will not be able to see anything, because he needs a little light, however faint, to stimulate these cells of which I am speaking.

Dog looks well in the distance?

The dog can distinguish about 6 meters, unlike a person who can reach up to 25 meters. This ability essentially depends on the cornea and lens, and their lens does not have as much accommodation power as that of the human being.

There are some dogs with myopia and others with hyperopia , as well as breeds that see better than others. The Labrador Retriever is one of the breeds known to have better eyesight! On the other hand, the German shepherd and the rottweiler tend to myopia.

Other curiosities

The dog can not see more than two feet from the ground and some smaller breeds can only see a few centimeters! For example, a Pekinese has a visual amplitude much lower than that of a new earth .

Another interesting fact is that the visual memory of the dog is not as good as ours, it helps the other senses like hearing and smell to remember.

Why does not the dog look in the mirror?

The dogs can see their image reflected in the mirror, but they can not recognize themselves. That’s why some dogs attack, hide or bark when they see their image in the mirror.

Dog sees spirits?

It is quite common for the dog to bark into the void, or to alert his guardian when apparently nothing is wrong. For this reason, many people wonder if these animals will have paranormal abilities and if, in fact, the dogs see spirits .

So far, there are no concrete answers by science on this topic. But the truth is that some dogs have incredible abilities, some can detect different types of cancer in people there are even reports of dogs that predicted catastrophic phenomena!

The incredible abilities of dogs are mainly due to their incredible smell, which even allows them to detect survivors in catastrophic situations. Also check out the article by YourCatCareguide on an issue that many pose if dogs can predict death .

The sight of the dog is very different from ours, but it is perfectly adapted to the needs of the species .

It is very important that you are interested in knowing more about your puppy, which demonstrates that you want to best your relationship with him . Keep following our articles that will help you understand your dog even better!

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