How do I know if my cat is right-handed or left-handed? Do the test!

Surely you know that most humans are right-handed, meaning they use their right hands to perform the main activities. But did you know that cats also have one of the dominant paws?

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If you are currently wondering if your cat is right handed or left-handed , in this article of ExpertAnimal we will explain how to find out the answer! Keep reading!

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Experience at home to find out if your cat is right-handed or left-handed

If you are with your cat, you can find out right now whether he is right-handed or left-handed. You will just need a snack he loves and a glass or a bottle, which will allow you to put the snack inside.

Start by putting the snack inside the bottle and leave it within reach of your cat in a place in the house where he feels safe and comfortable. Curiosity is something inherent in feline nature. Your cat’s sharp nose will cause it to approach the vial to peek at what is so delicious inside. Now you just have to wait and see which of the legs your cat uses to get the snack from inside the bottle. It is recommended that you repeat the experiment at least 3 times to be sure which of the legs your cat uses most often. If he uses the right paw, he’s right handed. If you use your left paw more often, your kitten is left-handed! If you notice that it alternates regularly between the two paws, you have an ambidextrous feline!

You should ensure that your cat can put the paw inside the bottle without getting hurt and that it can take the snack from within easily, so that this experience does not cause you frustration.

Scientific experiments on which your home test is based …

Science has discovered that having a dominant hand is not unique to humans. Among the animals that show a certain predisposition to use one of the front paws are our beloved domestic felines.

Different tests were carried out by researchers from different universities, such as the Center for Veterinary Neurology at the University of California:

  1. In the first test, they challenged the cats by placing a toy that was attached to their heads and dragged straight in front of them as they walked.
  2. In the second experiment, it was something more complex: the cats had to take a snack from the inside of a very narrow container, which forced them to use either the paws or the mouth.

    And what did the results reveal?

    The results of the first test revealed that the cats showed no preference for the use of any of the forelegs. Nevertheless, when they were exposed to the more complex challenge, they somehow showed a certain symmetry, revealing a slight preference for the right paw .

    When we summarize the results of all the tests, we conclude that between 45% and 50% of the cats were right-handed, and between 42% and 46% of the cats were found to have the dominant left paw. The percentage of ambidextrous was very low, between 3 and 10%, depending on the study.

    When the results were analyzed by sex separately, a study by researchers and psychologists at the University of Belfast found that females are mostly right-handed , while males are predominantly left-handed .

    Although there is still no explanation for the relationship between the sex of the animal and the dominant paw, this preference is visible in more complex tasks. That is, like us, cats can perform small tasks with both paws, but when it comes to a more complex challenge, they use the dominant paw.

    Do this at home with your cat and count the result in the comments below. We want to know if your cat is right handed, left-handed or ambidextrous!

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