Homeopathic and Herbal Treatments For Ear Mites In Cats

Ear mites are literally a pain in the ear for your cat. Conventional treatments involve using an oil-based pesticide to kill the mites. But are there safer homeopathic and herbal treatments that can work just as well?

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Keeping Your Cat’s Ears Healthy


Holistic care for your cat’s ears begins with a healthy diet. Feeding your cat a diet that’s similar to what he would be eating in the wild goes a long way towards keeping his immune system healthy.

Unlike ear infections in people, ear infections in cats usually start in the outer part of the ears. The infection then moves into the middle ear. For this reason, keeping his outer ears clean will help prevent many feline ear infections.

Be aware that your kitty’s ears normally contain a certain amount of wax. There are also flora, including helpful bacteria and yeasts, that normally live in there too. These flora are part of your feline’s immune response to his environment. However, if your cat’s immune system is weakened for some reason, these bacteria and yeasts can start multiplying too fast, causing an ear infection.

If your cat has ear mites, the intense itching will cause him to scratch his ears. The resulting irritation and inflammation can cause the normal flora to overgrow, and an ear infection can result.

If your cat scratches his ears too hard, he can rupture blood vessels in his ear, causing his ear flap to fill with blood. This painful condition is called an aural hemotoma. Your vet will need to drain it to prevent permanent damage to your kitty’s ear flap.

Can Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies Help Your Cat?

Homeopathic and herbal remedies can certainly help your cat. These natural remedies help to build up your cat’s immune system so he can fight off future infections. There are no side effects, either. The main thing to remember is that these remedies are meant to be used along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. They work slower than conventional ear mite products, too.

Homeopathy sees symptoms as the body’s attempt to heal itself. Instead of just treating the symptoms, homeopathic remedies are used to treat the underlying condition causing the symptoms.

There are different homeopathic remedies for ear infections, depending on your cat’s symptoms, and his behavior:

  • Sulphur is recommended for cats that like cool places.
  • Psorium is better for cats that like to lay on the heater vent!
  • Rhus Tox is the most used remedy for feline ear infections.
  • Graphites should be used if your kitty has a thick, sticky, smelly discharge.
  • A combination of Calendula Officinalis, Verbascum Thapsus, Pulsatilla Causticum, Conium Maculatum, and Kali Muriaticum is very effective in eliminating ear mites.

An Herbal Ear Mite Remedy

PetAlive Ear Dr. is a highly-recommended herbal ear mite remedy.

Ear Dr is a blend of herbs in a soothing olive oil base.

  • Tea Tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties.
  • Rosemary is a tonic and restorative herb that helps your cat’s skin to resist infections.
  • Calendula has long been used for skin health.
  • Mullein is often used in ear drops to maintain and promote ear health.

This herbal oil blend has helped to cure many pets of ear mites and ear infections.

“My poor puppy has been scratching his ear and the side of his head against furniture and anything he can find recently. Ever since using your Ear Dr. oil this has stopped – I am so relieved! Thanks for a great product that works so quickly and effectively!” —Dana

“My dear old beagle used to scratch and whine and nearly drove us batty! My vet has a special interest in natural treatment and recommended your website – so I ordered the ear oil and it has been wonderful. Three months now without any problems, and far from having to force him to have the drops, Benji actually enjoys his little ear “massages”! Thank you from both of us!” —Julia

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