Homemade costumes for cats 🎭

With the arrival of Halloween or Carnival, surely you are already thinking about the decoration of the house and costumes for this date, both for you and your pet. Dressing up your cat is a very fun idea to include your pet in this celebration, but it is important to make sure beforehand that he does not feel uncomfortable with the costume and that it allows him to wear it. It is very important to also try to look for clothes that do not sacrifice your freedom of movement or your hygiene routine.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will give you some ideas of homemade costumes for catsto spend a fun and unforgettable moment with your cat.

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The wizarding cat

This is a simple fantasy, as it does not need many elements, but maybe your pet is not very happy to use it, as it may bother you. So test it before the big day.

To get the look of the wizard cat follow these steps:

  1. Make a small witch hat, you can do it with felt or cardboard.
  2. Sew on both sides two strips of black fabric.
  3. Tie the two strips of fabric on the underside of the cat’s head.

And you already have your wizard costume for your cat ready! Now the hardest part is getting the cat to take off his hat.

Cat with bow tie or cat with handkerchief

If it’s the first time you’re fantasizing about your cat, a good idea is to use a simple add-on. When you are used to wearing a leash, you will not notice much difference if you choose this costume.

To achieve the look of the cat with a bow tie follow these steps:

  1. Look for a shirt that you no longer use and do not mind tearing.
  2. Trim the area under the collar of the shirt leaving a button to be able to button as if it were a necklace.
  3. Tie it and sew it close to the button to stay centered.

You can also create a female version by simply using a piece of fabric simulating a woman’s handkerchief. You can even add a cap if your cat feels comfortable.

The lion cat

The lion cat fantasy is not as complicated to make as it looks, for this you will need a fabric one by the identical to that of a lion, and to follow these steps:

  1. Take the fabric that will simulate the lion’s mane and trim it triangularly to fit your cat, enough to circle your neck. The more hairy the fabric, the better.
  2. Sew a velcro that will join both ends of the mane and attach them to the neck.
  3. The pointed end of the triangle will look like the end of the hair.
  4. Make the lion’s ears using velcro or brown fabric.

If you can not get this furry fabric to simulate the lion’s mane, you can also cut out several strips of brown and beige velcro and glue it over a velcro strip that will fit around the head.

Hello Kitty

This is an exclusive costume for white cats, otherwise the costume will not be noticed. In order to fantasize your Hello Kitty cat you will need white, pink fabric and will and ability to sew. The idea is to create a kind of hat. Follow these steps to make the fantasy:

  1. Drawing on white fabric the shape of Hello Kitty’s head.
  2. Cut it out and make an exact copy using the first one as a template.
  3. Make a hole not too big for your cat to put his head on.
  4. Sew both fabrics to form the cap.
  5. Tie the head and neck in the footsteps of the cat’s fantasy with a bow tie.
  6. Make good all the parts to unite them. Do not use pins as this can hurt the cat, it is best to use Velcro.
  7. Finish the Hello Kitty costume for your cat by baking some black mustaches aside.

The spider cat

This costume is ideal for Halloween and is easier to make than it looks. Plus, it’s great for scaring your guests on Halloween. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Get a big plush spider and attach it to your cat with velcro or by tying two pieces of fabric on each side. If hand has none, you can also dress your cat in a black sweater.
  2. Add to the sweater long legs that remain in a minimally stable fashion around the body of the cat simulating a large spider.
  3. Put two eyes on the top of the sweater or any other item you think might scare.

And you already have the spider cat costume ready!

Cat and owner

If you want you can also accompany your cat and fantasize about it ! You can be inspired by the movies and television to create your fantasy, such as Shrek and the Boots Cat, Alice in Wonderland or Sabrina and Cat Salem.

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