Home remedy to calm cat

For those who have a pussy, paying attention to the pet’s mood is not quite a novelty. However, in times of stress, be it for small things like visiting a new person, or more traumatic as a long trip, know that there are several natural calming for your cat that can help.

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In this Animal Expert article, we’ll explain how to make a home remedy to calm the cat and help you understand how and when you can use these herbal tranquilizers. Keep reading!

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Calm shaken cat

First of all, we have to understand that the source of stress is as important as any medication you find necessary. Often a change of behavior of yours or even the arrangement of furniture is sufficient.

Remember that in nature, cats were small predators. So they not only had to worry about hunting, like their larger cousins, lions and tigers, but they had to worry about not being hunted. Stress is a reaction of the body that leaves you ready for a dangerous situation, that is, it is an important response. The problem is when the danger is false and all this energy is not wasted. The body will redirect it to other things and may end up doing harm to your pet.

That’s why before trying to give a tranquilizer to calm cat hectic, it ‘s easier to make him feel safe. Offer hiding places around the house, do not force the pet to expose himself to people he is not yet accustomed to, and especially do not quarrel with him. A violent response can make the pussy even more annoying and worsen the picture.

But is it isolated fear or stress?

Aggressiveness from any pet is not a normal response, just as it would not be normal if it came from a person. However, the time of this type of behavior is key to understanding what goes on in your cat’s head.

If you have been visited and your cat has become a little shy, aggressive and / or hiding, the best you have to do is wait for his time. He is only afraid, do not give force to that feeling.

However, if the strange behavior continues even after the person has left, this can be an indicator of stress. Continuous fear, this instinct for self-protection, is the main symptom. The reaction to your visitor may have been just the tip of the iceberg. Did you change the smell of some cleaning product? Are there any new cats in the area? Did you adopt another pet? Has this visit had any traumatic experience with your pussy before?

Still worth trying to remove from the scene the element that is causing all this stress. Change the cleaning product, allow your cat a space where he can move away from other pets, try to associate the visitor with good things by offering his own snacks and a lot of affection just before the person arrives ( positive reinforcement technique ) leaving your cat even quieter.

Calming for stressed cat

So you respected your cat’s time, kept him from annoying things, but his behavior remains worrying. He follows aloof, has licked himself so much that some areas are getting bald and started to urinate outside the sandbox . In that case, you can use natural calming agents for stressed cats so that they are more receptive to the changes. Joining these natural remedies with the objects or people he is afraid of can help you break down barriers and fondle your pet about what once frightened you.

Stressed Cat – Home Treatment

Check out some herbs and plants that can help you make your cat quieter, a true home remedy:

Catnip or Cat’s Herb:

Probably the most famous of this list, Cat’s Herb acts as a psychoactive drug. It stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and causes both an euphoric and calm effect depending on the body of your pet. Either way, it’s a great way to get your cat’s focus on something stressful and allow him to feel more relaxed. You can either expose the pussy directly to the ground plan leaves, or place them inside a cloth toy. But beware, the effect is not long lasting (and after it passes, it may take a few hours to work again). Moreover, studies indicate that between 20 and 30% of cats do not present any reaction to Cat’s Herb.


Considered a light version of Cat’s Herb, Valerian works the same way, with only a reduced effect. Among the alternatives to Erva de Gato, it is one of the few available in Brazil. It is recommended to offer Valerian inside a cloth toy to your cat.

Silver Vine:

For those who want to invest a little more, this herb can be found on overseas sites. It not only affects more pussies than the Cat’s Herb, but also has a bigger effect and a little more lasting. Silver Vine is also safer if it is offered inside a cloth toy to your pussy.

Chamomile, Citrus Herb and Bach Flower:

Several reports point to the benefits of these plants to calm cats. However, the safest is to administer them in the form of food supplements or extracts that you can get with your veterinarian. It is not the most natural version that exists, but it is still an herbal medicine.

CAUTION: Never offer essential oils to your cat without any prescription. They can cause serious damage to your pussy’s liver.

Pheromone Spray for Cats:

Cat’s Herb works because it produces a compound called nepetalactone that looks very much like feline pheromones, hormones released into the air to attract potential partners. This way, a more artificial and direct option is to use pheromone sprays to stimulate and distract your pet.

Calming for cats – traveling

As it has been said, none of the natural soothing remedies has long lasting effects. What to do when you need to keep your cat calm for a long period of time, such as when you are going to travel?

Remember the key to keeping your cat’s stress level low: safety.

It’s no use putting your cat in the transport box for the first time on the day of the trip, throwing a toy with Cat’s Worm inside and waiting for everything to go right!

First, get your pussy into the transport box by always offering the toy with the soothing herbs or the pheromones inside it. Turn the box into a safe place by placing it in hidden places in the house. No leaving in the middle of the room! On the day of the trip, offer the tranquilizer only at the last possible moment before you leave. Decrease visual stimuli by leaving the box hidden or covering it with some tissue.

Giving your pet a place he loves where he can hide and feel good is the best you can do in a critical situation. Avoid tranquilizers. In addition to the side effects, the disorientation that the drug causes may be an additional element of stress.

With a positive experience routine, your cat will be prepared to face any situation.

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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