Home remedy for cat dander

In spite of the independence and perfectionism with the hygiene that characterizes the cats, we know that the domestic felines are susceptible to suffer several disorders, not only internally, but also external, in the hair and scalp. However, on numerous occasions these skin conditions are not serious and can be treated in a natural way. Natural treatments are alternatives that increasingly arouse interest from cat tutors.

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Did you know that as with you, your cat may also have dandruff? You can combat this problem in a simple way and for this reason the ExpertAnimal will tell you what are the home remedies for dandruff in cats .

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Cat with Dandruff – How to Treat Naturally

Dandruff in cats is a problem that is located on the scalp and gives the impression that it is peeling. In fact, the white dots you see in your cat’s fur are dead cells that are accumulating.

As with humans, the dermis cells of cats undergo a periodic regeneration process. This process can change for different reasons and cause an accumulation of dead cells that can not be detached. The main problem that this condition presents is the intense itching. As a result, the cat scrapes the skin too much and may even cause wounds. So while it is not a serious problem, you should pay attention to it.

The home remedies to treat the dandruff of the cats that we can apply are intended to calm the itch of the skin and to favor a cycle of suitable cellular regeneration. Nevertheless, you should know that dandruff can be a sign of other dermatological diseases, so we recommend you consult your veterinarian with confidence, to rule out any associated pathology.

Omega 3 for cat with house and hair fall

Omega 3 fatty acids are what we popularly know as healthy fats , since they have numerous beneficial effects not only for the human body but also for our pets. An omega 3 food supplement will act as follows:

  • Beneficial effect on the health of the scalp and hair, improving the general state of the skin condition and the structures attached.
  • Omega-3 is a potent anti-inflammatory , so if your cat is very itchy and the skin is inflamed from itching, omega-3 will help alleviate this symptom.

We recommend that you check the cat’s nutrition before using a nutritional supplement. The most natural way to get this substance is through olive oil .

Aloe Vera, the best remedy for cat dander

The effects of Aloe Vera on the cat’s skin are absolutely amazing. The pulp extracted from this plant contains numerous active principles, all of them studied and related to the therapeutic effects of this plant.

Aloe vera will favor proper cell regeneration and, in addition, will relieve itching due to the cooling effect. The anti-inflammatory properties will lessen the inflammation that the cat caused on the skin itself by scratching excessively.

Good hygienic habits to treat and prevent dandruff in cats

Cats are very perfectionistic with their hygiene, which is why veterinarians do not recommend that cats take a bath on a regular basis, unless strictly necessary. If you bathe your cat too often or do not use the right products, it may be contributing to the appearance of dandruff or worse if dandruff already existed. Read our article with more information on this topic: ” Bathing cats is wrong? ”

A specifically designed hygiene product for cats will help prevent this skin problem. If you already have this problem on your cat’s skin, a specific product for dandruff in cats may be the solution. But you should do this treatment sporadically, since regular bathing is not a good way to treat this problem.

What you should do often is to brush the cat’s fur, as this will help eliminate dead cells and improve the blood circulation of this area and consequently regenerate the cells. However, brushing with metal bristle brushes is not recommended because they may increase inflammation. You should prefer a soft bristle brush . Choose a short- haired or long- haired cat brush , depending on the coat of your cat.

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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