Home Remedies to Heal Wounds on Dogs

When we are faced with a deep, open or infected wound on dogs , the first thing we should do is go to the vet. However, it may happen that we do not have access to one at that precise time and therefore the use of home remedies as a first aid is necessary. Studies show that natural remedies, such as sugar or honey, promote wound healing in dogs and therefore, more and more veterinary experts use them and recommend the use in their patients to cure skin lesions. For this reason, in this article from ExpertAnimal, we’ll explain how to treat dog sores with home remedies , the previous steps you should follow and everything else you need to know about it.

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Pre-treatment of wounds in dogs

Before we continue to explain home remedies to heal wounds on more effective dogs, we must follow a number of steps to ensure proper healing. For this, the first thing we must do is identify the type of wound, the most common being:

  • Cortes
  • Damaged nails
  • Bites from other dogs
  • Cat Scratches
  • Burns

In either case, we can apply the remedies as first aid or natural treatment, as long as the lesions produced are of a mild or moderate nature. If your dog has a raw, seriously infected or very deep wound, veterinary intervention will be required. Once cured by the specialist, you can follow the treatment stipulated with natural remedies.

We have already identified the wound, how did we help the animal before the veterinary visit ?

  1. Wipe the wound thoroughly with warm water or saline solution. If there is some kind of foreign body or substance, such as earth or crystals, we will remove them carefully, using tweezers if necessary.
  2. We disinfect with hydrogen peroxide , never with alcohol. In order to finish removing any remaining, we can moisten a gauze with the liquid and apply small soft touches to the wound.
  3. We allow the wound to air by watching the animal to prevent it from being licked or rubbed.
  4. We cover the wound with gauze without exerting much pressure.
  5. Let’s go to the vet based on the severity of the wound.

Sugar to heal open wound in dogs

Sugar is one of the most commonly used natural products for healing of injuries in humans and animals due to its multiple healing properties. According to studies published by specialists in veterinary medicine, the most prominent effects of sugar are as follows:

  • It promotes expulsion of dead tissue while promoting cell regeneration and the creation of granular tissue (a type of fibrous connective tissue whose function is to fill wounds).
  • It helps dry out wounds by absorbing excess moisture, a fact that has led many practitioners to use this natural remedy to combat ulcers and similar wounds.
  • It reduces the edema or prevents its appearance due precisely to the previous point.
  • It acts as a powerful bactericide combating its reproduction in wounds. In addition to having antibacterial properties, sugar is antiseptic, so it prevents the development of infections or treats them, promoting the elimination of the causative microorganisms.

For all this, we see how sugar helps heal wounds on dogs while fighting infections and decreases inflammation in the area. Its effectiveness is such that it can even be used to treat deeper or deeper lesions (such as ulcers already cited), provided the veterinarian has previously approved it. In this way, sugar acts on open wounds, deep wounds and lighter wounds, but how should we apply it? Below we detail the most commonly used methods.

Sprinkle sugar directly into the dog’s wound

If the dog’s wound is shallow, shallow or light, such as first aid, we can directly sprinkle granulated or powdered sugar . To do this, let’s follow these simple steps:

  1. We disinfect the wound.
  2. We cover the wound completely with sugar.
  3. Once the sugar layer is applied, cover the wound without removing the sugar with gauze and bandage, exerting light pressure to ensure that the home remedy takes effect.
  4. We leave the medicine for a few hours, not to exceed 12 hours.
  5. To change the dressing, clean the wound again, disinfect and repeat these steps.

In cases of very serious injuries, you should go to the vet. And if we can not go at that time for any reason, we can apply any of the home remedies to heal wounds on dogs after disinfecting the injury very well and visit the specialist as soon as possible.

Prepare sugar paste

Although today we find this healing paste or healing ointment for dogs, it is always better to opt for the homemade version, without chemicals and completely natural. The sugar paste is suitable for all types of wounds in dogs, however, it is important to remember that in very serious cases, you must go to the veterinarian obligatorily. The steps we must follow are:

  1. Heat 100 ml of water .
  2. When it reaches the first boil, remove from the heat.
  3. Add 250 grams of sugar and mix to dissolve it.
  4. Let cool and apply it to the wound after cleaning and disinfecting it.
  5. We wound the wound with the medicine and changed the bandage after 10-12 hours.

If we have a paste of sugar, we can reserve it in a jar with hermetic seal. Of course we do not recommend saving this solution for more than a day, being the most suitable to prepare it again every time we use it.

What if the dog’s wound is infected?

Depending on the type and degree of infection, we can also use the sugar to treat it, due to its properties already mentioned. However, if there is necrotic (dead) tissue, debridement should be performed. This process can be done manually, however, taking into account that it can be very painful for the animal, we recommend that it be done by a specialist. That said, and if there is no necrotic tissue, the first thing we should do is clean the wound well and disinfect it. Then apply one of the two above remedies, bandage the wound and let it act for hours. We will change the bandage and sugar following the specialist’s instructions, as the time between the cleanings may vary depending on the type of injury.

Honey to disinfect wounds on dogs

As with sugar, honey is a powerful natural cure and used for centuries. Due to its antibacterial, soothing and antiseptic properties , and its ability to stimulate the regeneration of granular tissue and epithelium, it promotes healing and accelerates the process without resorting to commercial ointments. Of course, to achieve the desired effects, it is essential, first, to go to the vet to consider whether it is necessary to use medicines to relieve pain, for example, and second, to be constant in the care.

Honey can be used to heal wounds in more or less light, infected dogs, burns, ulcers and deeper lesions, as long as they are not too large. If there is necrosed tissue, it will be essential to visit the specialist to remove it and mark the application guidelines of the honey to heal the wound. To use honey as a healing aid, you must follow these steps:

  1. Clean and disinfect the wound well.
  2. Apply a layer of honey pure bees . It is very important to use quality honey to ensure optimal results. In this sense, although there are many types of honey that exist, studies show that manuka honey is one of the most recommended for its powerful antimicrobial properties.
  3. Cover the lesion with gauze and bandage, exerting a slight pressure for the medicine to act. Leave during the hours stipulated by the veterinarian.
  4. Change the bandage by carefully removing the bandage, leaving the air wound slightly and repeating all the steps.

Depending on the type of wound, the bandage may be changed once a day or every couple of hours. Similarly, depending on the severity, honey to heal wounds on dogs can take effect in days or weeks.

Home Remedy for Dog Sores with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used plants in medicine for the creation of medicines and natural remedies for therapeutic purposes. Because of its many health properties, its popularity has spread all over the world, even to the animal world, is one of the best remedies for wound healing in dogs. Its healing ability comes from one of its main ingredients, acemanann, a mucopolysaccharide with potent anti-inflammatory properties, soothing and stimulating cell proliferation, which favors the regeneration of damaged tissue and accelerates the healing of wounds.

To apply this natural remedy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut a leaf of the plant, keeping in mind that the people closest to the ground are the oldest and therefore those who have larger properties.
  2. Make a longitudinal cut to open the blade lengthwise and extract the pulp.
  3. If the pulp is very thick, mix with a little water.
  4. Clean and disinfect the wound.
  5. Apply the aloe vera gel covering it completely.
  6. Put a clean gauze and bandage to make the ointment work.
  7. Change the dressing according to the specialist’s instructions and let the wound breathe before repeating all the steps.

In addition to helping heal the wound, aloe vera soothes the itching and relieves pain , as well as preventing possible infections. On the other hand, this wonderful plant also has antifungal properties, so it is perfect for healing wounds caused by fungi.

Dog scrub ointment made of daisies

Calendula or daisy is another of the most sought after alternative healing plants, especially for wound healing and all types of skin lesions due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, analgesic and healing action. In order to use this plant and to heal wounds in dogs, open wounds or other injuries, it will be necessary to first prepare marigold oil . To do this, we will follow these steps:

  1. We took a handful of marigold flowers and cleaned them well.
  2. We put them in a sterile bottle and cover them completely with extra virgin olive oil.
  3. We close the jar and leave the sauce oil in a place free of moisture and dark for 40 days.
  4. After time, we put the oil.

As you probably will not have 40 days to treat our dog’s wound, we have no choice but to acquire oil and prepared, always making sure to get a natural. Once achieved, we will prepare a simple cream that we will use to cover the wound, to hydrate it and to stimulate the regeneration of the tissue. To make this healing ointment for dogs , we will do the following:

  1. We heat the marigold oil to the water bath.
  2. We add 5 grams of beeswax and mix until dissolved.
  3. We passed the solution into a sealed bottle.
  4. Let cool completely before covering the bottle

Now that we have the marigold cream ready, it is very simple to clean and disinfect the wound or injury. Apply a layer of cream, cover the wound and make the dressing. Bandage changes will be made following the veterinarian’s instructions and we will never leave the remedy for more than 12 hours, unless the specialist says otherwise. We will store the cream in a place free of moisture for a maximum of one week.

Go to the vet

As noted at the beginning of the article, you should consult a veterinarian whenever the dog has very deep, infected, raw or very dead tissue, such as those caused by third and fourth degree burns. For the latter case, it is necessary to perform a debridement, a process of removal of dead tissue by a specialist. If we do this task ourselves, we run the risk of worsening the wound and further damaging the animal

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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