Home Remedies for Fleas in Puppy Cats

Fleas are small, but unbearable, insects that attack the skin of many animals such as dogs and cats. This is because pets have bodies with high temperatures, something that the fleas love. This pest grows in humid and hot environments and has a very fast breeding cycle.

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Although it is common for cats to roam the outside to be infested by fleas, the case of kittens is more worrisome, since the puppies are much more sensitive to the reactions than the adults, which can cause anemia and consequently, death, if treatment.

As we can not use the same deworming products we apply to an adult cat (especially those with a heavy chemical load such as anti-flea powders, sprays or collars), the Expert Animal invites you to read this article where we suggest the best home remedies for fleas on puppies cats .

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Baths with warm soapy water

Bathing the puppy can be gentle but it is also an excellent home remedy for fleas in kitten cats . In principle, we should only bathe a puppy cat after it receives the first vaccines , however, in this case it is important to wash the pet to eliminate these uncomfortable parasites. Do not forget that it is essential to consult the veterinarian and that you should never completely immerse your cat in the water. That said, you should do the following:

Fill a container with warm water and submerge the cat as gently as possible. Avoid wetting his head, but if you also have a parasite there wet your nose and head with a damp baby handkerchief. Do not leave the pet in the water for long, the only thing we want to do is to wet his skin a little. Then place the feline on a towel and do a small massage with a specific shampoo for puppies. Be careful with eyes and mucous membranes.

Continue cleaning with a special flea and lice comb and eliminate all that you can see. Soap will make work easier and, moreover, is very effective in catching and killing fleas. Each time you catch a flea, put it in some container with hot water and the same soap to kill the insect. Do this in a warm environment where there are no cold drafts. When finished, rinse quickly, wrap the kitten in a towel, dry it and keep it warm.


Vaseline is a product that has many benefits. This product is very effective for eliminating fleas in puppies cats . You can pick up your cat and, as you brush with the special flea comb, get some Vaseline. Whenever you see a flea, put a thick drop of that product. This immobilizes the flea and makes it simpler to eliminate it.


The same goes for alcohol, which in addition, is a powerful product that will not damage the skin of your pet. Fill a glass with alcohol and soak a cotton swab in the liquid. Then when you see a flea, support the wet swab and rub it slightly . This will not kill the flea, but it will be half asleep and can be eliminated effectively. Have another cup of alcohol nearby to deposit the fleas you can catch.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of Grandpa’s typical home remedies , as it is natural and can be used in the treatment of many diseases. This solution is temporary and does not kill fleas, but will make them jump quickly from the body of your kitten.

Take a bottle with spray and mix apple vinegar and water in the ratio of 2 to 1. Wet your cat’s skin with this liquid and gently comb. Reapply after three days. Apart from this, there are a multitude of benefits of apple cider vinegar that your cat can enjoy.

Flea Trap

Fleas, like many other insects, are attracted to light . the solution that follows is, more than a remedy, a home remedy. Take a plate for the soup of shallow depth, fill with warm water and some soap and place it under a light at night. The fleas will jump into the light that reflects off the water and eventually drown in the dish. The next day you will see how the dish turned into a flea cemetery. Empty the dish every day, clean it and repeat the procedure.

Salty water

No one likes salt water, including fleas, so this acts as a repellent. This solution should not be applied on your cat’s skin, but rather used as your new cleaning product. Clean the floors, surfaces and other spaces with salt water, the fleas will jump on all sides looking for a new host. You can also just use the salt and spread a little on the furniture fabric and carpets. This helps to kill the larvae and parasites that the fleas leave on their way.

Another option is to make a homemade pipette to deworm your cat .

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