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Leather bag for the feet, that is the best definition that can be given to the footwear made in the Middle Ages, and is that, at this time the footwear was invented to protect the feet from the mistreatment of the road , of getting dirty and cold.

In Europe, footwear became a symbol of social status, where only wealthy people and royalty could use them, as it was extremely burdensome and low income people could not access them . Because they are unique in their style, grotesque shoes were made where they were not only made of leather but they even got to insert fabrics and fabrics.

As technology has evolved footwear, the way to manufacture them and their materials

several brands of footwear both nationally and internationally. The Vinalopó Valley, in Alicante, is where the most productive footwear in Spain is located, followed by the city of Almansa (Albacete), Fuensalida (Toledo), Arnedo (La Rioja), and towns in the Balearic Islands.

In Mexico there is an industrial quality manufacturing, in Guanajuato, Guadalajara and Mexico City (CDMX). In Peru, high quality footwear is in the city of Trujillo, considered the capital of Footwear, thanks to the diversity of models and textures that are made here. On the other hand, in Colombia there are, Bucaramanga and Bogotá, where the largest number of important manufacturers in this region are located, followed by Cali and Medellín. Guatemala, is raised with the manufacture of leather footwear as cowboy boots for ladies and gentlemen, its main manufacturers are in, Pastors, Antigua Guatemala.

Footwear manufacturing processes

There are two types of footwear manufacturing, which are the artisanal and the industrial.

Artisanal Process

This process is eminently manual, where technology is not used since it is usually from a small family workshop.

Industrial Process

In this process involved automatic machines, die cut to be used in the inner lining of the shoe. It is a computerized cut, which uses a software for the configuration and location of the pieces.

For the two procedures are some basic and common processes, such as:

  • Selection of leather or material (fabrics , strings, and others)
  • Cutting of leather or material : This will depend on the piece that is going to be made.
  • Pairing : Perfecting the piece, especially the leather. [19659017] Trim or stitching : Preparation of cut pieces
  • Assembled (centered): Assembly or assembly of the sole with the rest of the footwear.
  • Encantado : Insert the finished product in a box

Spanish footwear brands that succeed in the world

The brand Uniqshoes has a diversity of models and is also of very good footwear quality and clearly feminine. It has two exhibition halls in Spain, Madrid and Seville, and can only be visited by appointment.

The brand Pompeii is very colorful, especially its sole, this makes it a unique product and easily recognizable.

The brand Barget belongs to the Antequera brothers, evokes comfort and elegance. It is a modern and modern footwear but with sober colors, you can wear it every day, it is Unisex, it is also an artisan product and that is noticeable in the footwear finish.

Obi Shoes is a store that will allow you to access both to national brands, like international ones. Always ensuring a quality choice for all customers looking to buy shoes online, regardless of whether they are for men or women.

The importance of choosing a shoe suitable for sport

A bad choice of footwear can be synonymous with ailments and injuries that can even become chronic in some cases. A badly manufactured shoe or in poor condition can cause the footprint is not correct and that with the passing of the days there may be problems in the feet, ankles or even in the back.

The Physiotherapy in Malaga [19659038] treats patients with traumatological injuries, injuries that are usually of sporting origin and where the most common may be dislocations, sprains, tendinopathies, fractures, muscle contractures, fractures. For this type of injury, a series of physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise sessions are carried out that seek the recovery of the patient. This is why the patient knows how to choose which reliable and effective place to go when performing this type of treatment.

Types of footwear

There are several types of footwear:

  • Espadrilles,
  • Hawaiian or flip flops
  • Boots
  • Sandals Z
  • Platform shoes
  • Urban sneakers
  • Sports shoes
  • Footwear with boots
  • High heels
  • Indoor Shoes


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