Help a cat in heat

Cat hair is a normal process of cat breeding, although for many owners it may result in an experience difficult to bear, the uncomfortable behaviors that cats and cats exhibit.

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The heat in cats occurs with the sole purpose of breeding and reproducing the species, so if you do not wish to have a litter of cats, it is best to learn how to help a cat in heat . For this, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will give you some advice to know how to deal with this situation.

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Characteristics of cio

Calcium, also called estrus, is simply the fertile time of the animal , which occurs when it reaches sexual maturity. Normally this stage of your life comes between the first year and the fifth, but there are also very frequent cases of straight-line cat with only four months. However, at this age mating is not recommended, as the cat’s body is not yet mature enough to conceive and complications may arise.

The cio das gatas begins at times of the year when there is more sunlight , needing about twelve hours of light daily, so the date will vary depending on the country in which you live. The cycle occurs three times a year, varying in duration depending on the weather, from five days to two weeks. After this time, the cat loses interest in mating and the males will stop following her.

Symptoms of heat in cats

Whoever has a cat at home, knows how desperate it can get when they enter the rutting period, as the symptoms or signs of it can cause the owner headaches. Before these signs you will know that your cat is in heat:

  • It needs a lot more attention and pampering than usual. The cio leaves the cats more sensitive, so these days will show intense affection.
  • Behavior shaken . It is normal that during these days is much more restless, so distracting it will be more complicated.
  • Unlike dogs, vaginal discharges or swelling of the vulva are rare, although rare cases in which they secrete a little mucus may occur. However, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian to know if this segregation is a sign of any disease, such as kidney stones.
  • They adopt a particular posture : they tilt the body, lift the back, tilt the tail and expose the genitals.
  • Especially when they can not leave the house, they give me howling and shrill screamsto attract the males.
  • They roll on the floor , spinning.
  • If you live in a house or apartment where you are not allowed to go out on the street, you will try by all means a way to escape, and will even convince you that you let her out to meet all her suitors.
  • The purr increases.
  • Scrub your head and neck against anything that catches your eye, especially soft surfaces.
  • Lick the genital area more than usual (remember that when you are not in heat you do it as part of your hygiene routine).
  • It leaves its scent quite characteristically in the corners of the house, instead of urging crouched as usual in it, it will do it with the tail up and making a little vibratory movement.

What to do to help your cat during heat?

Although the only way to completely avoid the heat period is through sterilization , we will give you some advice so that you and your cat can surpass the days of the heat with more tranquility:

  • Give it more attention . Offer to the cat caresses, hugs and treats to calm your anxiety of stimuli. You can also brush your hair.
  • Play with her. The entertainment will make you forget it for moments and you will leave exhausted. Make up games that involve physical activity, such as running, chasing, and jumping.
  • Close the windows of the house, especially those of the rooms where the cat spends more time, to avoid intruding males.
  • Under any circumstance you should let your cat out of the house , as it is likely that when she returns she is pregnant.
  • Do not let her persuade you. If you have never had a cat in heat, you will be amazed at how persuasive it can be to let you leave the house. Do not be fooled.
  • Avoid contact with male cats at all costs.
  • Consult your veterinarian about the best time and the most appropriate method to sterilize the cat. We do not recommend that you give oral or injected contraceptives, as several studies have shown that they increase the chances of a cat developing mastitis or suffering from cancer. Sterilization is the most recommended method .
  • The belief that it is necessary to let them have at least one litter to avoid disease is a myth. Any bait derived from an inactive uterus is discarded by sterilization.
  • If the cat is pregnant, look for houses that can stay with the puppies, never abandon them in the street.

These are the advice we have to help the cat get through the rutting period without getting pregnant. Always remember to consult with your veterinarian for other possible measures.

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