Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamster or أبو جراب was first found in Western Asia, specifically in Syria. Nowadays, its natural state is considered threatened, because each time there are less colonies to live in the wild. They are very common as pets.

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  • Syria

Physical appearance

It is known for its large size compared to other hamster species such as the Chinese hamsteror the roborovski hamster (species prohibited in Brazil). They reach up to 17 centimeters, although males do not usually reach 13 centimeters or 15 centimeters. They can weigh between 90 and 150 grams.

Its fur is golden and can be short or long, also being known as angora hamster in the second case. The color is golden, a little darker in the back and lighter in the belly. Nowadays, some breeders have obtained several shades of coat through genetic selection, obtaining to obtain copies black, reddish, white, gray and brown chocolate.

A curiosity are his cheeks that function like handbags, that take food from the cheeks to the shoulders, storing the food. The largest amount accumulated in a golden hamster is 25 kilograms, an incredible amount for your size.


Unlike other types of hamsters, the golden hamster is more timid and reserved , preferring tranquility to excessive jokes. This also applies to your relationship with other animals, as it may be aggressive or uncomfortable with other rodents, yours or another species.

Still, he is not a particularly unfriendly hamster with people as he rarely bites. Thanks to its size, it can be secured without problems and without risk of running away. It is important that, before interacting physically with him, the animal becomes habitable to the tutor . Before placing your hand inside the cage and holding the animal unannounced, talk to it and offer your favorite food so that the beginning is positive and enjoyable for both.


Feeding this type of hamster is very easy:

You will find, in pet stores, adequate food containing what will be the basis of your food, ie, seeds and cereals . In addition, you should offer vegetables and fruit twice a week. We recommend the pear, the apple, broccoli and green peppers.

It is also important that you receive a certain amount of protein that can be obtained through potatoes from insects to poultry or cheese without salt. The water should not be lacking in your bed, and should always be clean and fresh.


Look for a cage with dimensions of 60 x 40 x 50 approximately. If you get a bigger, happier your hamster will be in your new home. It should have good ventilation, a waterproof soil and safe doors and bars. They love to climb and so it is preferable to choose a multi-storey cage or with stairs, something that exercises the musculature of your pet.

The space must have food tanks and a drinking fountain (for example, a rabbit), wheels or tunnels, and finally a small cellar or nest to rest. In addition, you can add chips to the ground to make you feel more comfortable.


You should clean and disinfect the cage regularly, as well as the elements it contains, to prevent disease. The most common that can affect your Syrian hamster are: pneumonia or cold caused by drafts (can be solved by changing the cage to a more suitable environment) and fleas and lice , which can be eradicated with the help of a antiparasitic spray found in pet stores.

The sunburn can happen occasionally look lower your temperature as soon as possible looking not wet. If you do not see a rapid improvement, take the animal to the veterinarian. The fractures and wounds are common and usually heal by themselves with a little help (betadine in the case of wounds, or a small splint for a week) but should also refer to the veterinary clinic if the problem is severe.

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