Hamster Roborovski

The Hamster Roborovski has Asian origin, and can be found in China, Kazakhstan and even Russia, more specifically. It is the smallest species of hamsters and possesses a special personality as well as a need for special care as well.

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Roborovski Hamster is prohibited in Brazil thanks to Portaria 93/08 that prohibits the import and export of live specimens.

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Physical appearance

As previously mentioned, this hamster has an exceptionally small size , measuring a mere 5 centimeters and weighing not more than 20 grams. They are brown on the back and white in the belly zone. Its white spots on the eyes stand out, offering a fresh air and alert to the animal.

It is an animal that moves quickly, managing to escape from the hands of those who catch it easily.


The Roborovski hamster has an independent, nervous and, at times, grumpy character, since it is a nocturnal animal that does not react well if someone wakes up. In any case, your character also depends on your personality because there are playful and friendly Roborovski hamsters.

If you are looking for a copy to play with and enjoy holding it in your hands, we recommend that you confirm that it is a nice animal before taking it home. Take some time at the time of adoption.


Your diet should be based on small seeds to fit your small body , do not choose any type of commercial feed. Be sure to read the packaging as it is ideal to have: red corn, peeled oats, white corn, sunflower seeds, corn, canary seed, flax, whole wheat, peas, niger, canola, sorghum, vetch, barley, safflower, papaver and katjang .

Like other hamsters, you should receive your dose of fruit and vegetables , although Roborovski can consume it practically every day. Offer vegetables such as spinach, chard, arugula, endive, kale, carrot or lettuce. Fruit is also important, so have it taste kiwi, pear, apple, banana or grapefruit. The pieces should always be very small.

This type of hamster is omnivorous , which means that it should not only receive plant food. Your diet should be supplemented so that you receive the proper protein. Offer cheese without salt, egg yolk, turkey ham or even poultry paste for insectivorous birds.


Look for a suitable habitat for your little Roborovski. The best option is to acquire a terrariumor a classic cage with bars of metal small enough to prevent the animal from escaping. Do not forget that it is very smart and elastic.

Put any kind of rodent sand in the bottom of your habitat.

Add trowers and a water cooler (the rabbit ones are the most appropriate) that will always keep you clean and sanitized. It is very important that you do not leave food that can rot at your fingertips.

Also, keep in mind that this is a particularly active hamster. In the wild, it runs several kilometers a day. That way, get a wheel and even a circuit so your new pet can enjoy your home. Finally, add a nest or a cottage with hay, where you will feel comfortable and warm.


Your little friend may suffer from diseases such as paralysis of the hind legs , usually due to a fall from a high place. Keep the animal at rest, and if not, consult your veterinarian.

You may also have pneumonia if you are located in an area of ​​the house where air currents or abrupt changes in temperature occur. Avoid these problems by placing it in a location that has a constant temperature. It is likely that, within a few days, pneumonia will improve if it is in a more favorable environment.

Finally, we mention occlusion of the cheeks , which may occur if he is not able to expel certain types of food. If this happens, take the hamster to the vet as soon as possible.

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