Hamster species

There are different species of hamster distinct, all of them with different qualities and attributes that make them special. If you are thinking of adopting one of these small rodents, it is crucial that you first inform yourself and in this way you can find out which type of hamster best suits what you are looking for.

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First of all you should be clear about what you are looking for in a pet: a fun and sociable friend, a little rodent you can just watch, or a pet to teach tricks and train. Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide and discover the different species of hamster .

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Hamster Roborovski

The Roborovski hamster is shy and independent. While there are some nice and sweet specimens, most likely to try to escape from your hands when you try to catch him. This is a hamster that needs a lot of confidence to interact well with you. Sometimes they may even bite. But do not worry, they do not usually hurt too much!

The Roborovski hamster originates from Russia, China and Kazakhstan. It is the ideal pet if you love seeing a hamster running around the wheel. It is very small, reaching only 5 cm in adulthood.

Chinese Hamster

This is one of the rodents lovers favorite hamsters . The Chinese hamster is an exotic Asian specimen that, although there are specimens of brown color, the most common is to be gray.

It is much larger in size than the Roborovski, being about 10 centimeters long. In addition, he is a friendly and playful hamster. He really enjoys coming out of the cage and running around the house behind you. Many tutors refer until they even get to sleep on their lap.

The sweet and active character of this hamster will win over your heart if what you are looking for is a hamster to keep you company and to train through jokes and awards as a positive reinforcement.

Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamster, as the name implies, comes from Syria and is a specimen that is in a threatened state in most countries (yes, it is surprising)!

This hamster species measures between 15 and 17 centimeters, depending on the sex of the animal. It is one of the species, to me, more beautiful due to its soft and fuzzy fur. They are very friendly animals with whom they feed them but they need some time until they adapt to the tutor and trust him.

It is a species suitable for children already of an age because although they are fragile, they are sociable and it is rare that they nibble.

Russian dwarf hamster

The Russian dwarf hamster is an especially sweet and sociable pet, also recommended for children already of some age who want to have their first pet. It is not a very large hamster species, it measures 7 to 10 centimeters in length and so it is important to be very careful when interacting with them due to the fragility of being so small.

A very interesting curiosity about this hamster species is that they can hibernate. When this happens, after 16 hours of hibernation, their coat becomes white.

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