Hamster eats puppies – why and how to avoid it?

Few rodents are as cuddly as the hamster. So it is not surprising that for decades this rodent has been one of the most common pets, especially in homes with children.

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The hamster as a pet is an excellent company and requires specific care (like any other companion animal). In return, he will give you company and give you good times, though not always so.

Surely you have heard of some case that the pregender eats her offspring. Although this cannibalistic behavior is not unique to this species, it is very common for the hamster to eat its young. In this article of YourCatCareguide, we will give you some tips on how to avoid and we will explain to you why the hamster eats the puppies .

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Animal cannibalism

Most animals, except humans, behave instinctively, and their way of acting makes it even clearer how nature works.

The phenomenon of animal cannibalism, particularly when it comes to parenting and offspring, has been the subject of many scientific studies because of the concerns that this issue may cause us.

All the studies have not been used to establish a clear cause, but they are still very useful for elaborating different theories that try to explain the reasons for this behavior.

Why does hamsters eat their puppies?

The mother, hamster, does not always eat her calves after giving birth. However, we can attest that this phenomenon is habitual . Scientific investigations conclude that this behavior can occur for different reasons:

  • The pup is born with some anomaly and the mother wants to ensure that only the most suffering puppies survive.
  • The mother looks at the young and fragile chicks who find them incapable of survival.
  • A very large brood can cause a lot of stress for the hamster who decides to eliminate 2 or 3 offspring to feel more capable to care for the litter.
  • The presence of the male hamster in the cage can also cause a lot of stress on the mother, causing her to ingest the baby.
  • If a puppy is born far from the nest, the mother may not recognize it as being her own, and the puppy chooses to eat it because it considers it only a good source of food.
  • The mother feels weak and uses some of the chicks to get all the necessary nutrients.

How to Prevent the Hamster from Eating Your Puppies

If you are living with a pregnant female hamster, you should know that it is not always possible to prevent her from eating any of the puppies after delivery, however, if you apply the necessary measures we will explain, you will minimize the risk that behavior:

  • When the puppies are born, remove the male from the cage.
  • The mother and the baby must be in a very quiet place, where neither you nor others come near the cage.
  • Touch the cage exclusively to provide food.
  • Do not touch the young until they are at least 14 days old, if they smell, the mother can reject them and eat them.
  • You should feed the hamster with enough protein. For this, you can give him a boiled egg.
  • The mother should always have food available.

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