10 Halloween costumes for small dogs

Taking advantage of Halloween to fantasize our best friend is undoubtedly a great idea. Halloween is a holiday full of terror, mystery and fantasies , why not also include your dog? Do you think it’s too adorable to disguise you as a little monster?

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In this Animal Expert article we offer you a total of 10 Halloween costumes for small dogs , this way you can be inspired by original and bloody looks that will make your dog the most devilish of the party.

Do not forget that not all the dogs want to fantasize and that some spend very badly with all this noise of the parties. Do not force him to fantasize if he does not want to and continue to enjoy the bloodiest night of the year.

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1. The zombie dog

This fantasy can be done in various ways and just needs your imagination, so it is very easy to carry out. You can try to imitate what you observe in the photograph with several tissues and drawing the viscera, but you can also do this with red ribbon and apply it on the damp hair of your dog, thus creating a bloody effect. Look for the originality between the organs and fake blood so that your dog is the most zombie of the night.

2. The walking dog

Are you a big fan of The Walking Dead ? So this costume is perfect for your dog. You can draw inspiration from any of the characters in the mythical horror series, although in this case it should be admitted that this pug-Michonne is very adorable and is truly successful.

For this you will need a brown shirt for children or babies (look for an economy store), a teddy with dreadlocks and two cuddly toys to hold your dog.

3. Billy the Dog

Saw is undoubtedly one of the most shocking references to terror. With seven movies published, this saga becomes an authentic nightmare for the most fearful.

If you want to disguise your “Billy” dog can do it, but will need a lot of patience, a tolerant dog, clothes and willingness to sew. The first thing to do will be to create a fabric mask. For this you can use an old sock or whatever you have at hand. Draw on the mask the characteristic red circles on your cheeks. You will also need a red (papillon) butterfly that can easily be done with any red bow.

The most complicated part is the suit. We recommend that you look for children’s clothing stores (cheap shops) in a white shirt and a black shirt and adapt them to simulate a suit.

Do not forget the wig!

4. The Death Knight

If your dog hates the idea of ​​fantasizing but is accustomed to wearing harness , you can experience this curious dark knight disguise. You only need to make or cover your own harness and include one or two miniature human skeletons. The picture is fantastic … and so much fun!

5. the canine witch

Without doubt the most popular costume on Halloween and another very easy to do. You will need to make a hat that you can attach with elastic, a tunic-like fabric and, to improve the quality of the costume, you can improvise a small broom. Perfect!

6. The Earl

To elaborate this fantasy Dracula needs a black fabric in tunic form and bright red fabric. You can add some jewelry to make the disguise more realistic, add a bat to a bat and even use fake blood. Recommended for dogs with ears in beaks .

7. The Phantom Dog

This disguise is recommended only for quiet dogs that do not bother to be covered by a fabric. To elaborate this costume you only need a white fabric and make holes for the muzzle, eyes and ears. Super easy!

8. The Batdog

This fantasy is very easy to do. All it needs is a black fabric, a hard material (such as cardboard) and Velcro. And time, yes, needs some time to do it.

The first thing to do is to create on the hard surface the “wings” of bat. Tape them with fabric or paint in black. Then you should create a mask to the media that will be closed with velcro. Attach the wings to the mask. You can sew them, use glue or velcro. Finally you just have to make a batman- style cover and that’s it!

9. The dog holds

To have a real dog at your side, you will need to buy a children’s t-shirt (in some cheap shop) of stripes. Also need to make a hat, like the one in the picture and fasten it with a rubber band. That’s it!

10. The Chucky Dog

To fantasize your dog Chucky needs a jumpsuit and a t-shirt. The costume can be a bit uncomfortable, so it is only recommended for very patient dogs. We remind you again, do not force your dog if he does not line up in this joke.

You will also need a redhead wig, which can hold with elastic. And to give more realism to the costume be sure to add a small toy knife that can sew to the fabric.

What did you think of our tips?

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