Hair with lack of brightness: discover how to recover it

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A clear evidence of having a healthy hair or mane is the shine. On the other hand, an unhealthy and dull hair often feels dull and lifeless. The shine in the hair is usually lost due to different causes such as age, neglecting the food, not using the products appropriate to the characteristics of our hair, or not dedicating to the hair the necessary care so that keep healthy.

As happens with the skin over the years the hair also ages, loses luminosity, becomes drier, curls, becomes rough. In case this is your problem you should resort to shampoos for punished hair that contain ingredients which help the hair to recover its shine as keratin, collagen or hyaluronic acid.

 How to recover the shine in the mane

The use of dyes and make wicks also contribute to the hair gradually losing its natural shine so it is advisable to use special hair products for hair dyed or wicks both the shampoo, the conditioner and the mask.

In addition to these special hair products for dyed hairs or with wicks, it is also useful and good results to resort to the so-called anti-aging balms. These finishes will give our hair a touch of softness and shine at the same time.

Some useful tips to recover the shine of your mane

A long hair or mane is not recommended to wash more than two days a week but if you like to wash your hair every day it is convenient to use special shampoo often used that does not contain sulfates. It is also advisable to follow the tips that we offer below:

  • Brush the hair daily brushing the hair helps to enhance its beauty and shine.
  • To brush the hair without damaging it do it with a natural bristle brush .
  • Be especially careful with hair dryers and irons.
  • If you can avoid them and let your hair dry in the air or in a natural way.
  • But if you need to resort to the dryer do it with cold air never with hot air.
  • In the case of hair straighteners, before use, protect the hair with antipyretic products such as sprays or creams.

To shine hair and keep it shiny, hair oils are a good option because they seal the cuticle and revitalize the hair

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<p> Hair oils Most recommended are: avocado oil, argan oil and coconut oil.
<p> In a previous post we have reported on how to take care of a long mane and one of the tips that we provide and that we consider extremely important is feeding. </p>
<p> For a hair to grow healthy there is to start taking care of it from the inside through feeding. A diet that should be healthy and balanced in which vitamins and minerals are not lacking.
<p> We must consume citrus fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, foods rich in the following minerals: Calcium, magnesium, chromium, copper, zinc. Vegetables and leafy vegetables and green color, as well as the proteins present in the egg and the blue fish.</p>
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