Positive habits and routines for the dog

Much has been written about the habits and positive routines of people, but what about the routines of our animals? Ever since we domesticated wild dogs and cats, has this doubt ever arisen? Are the routines that develop the right to live in society?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we want to talk about the habits and positive routines for the dog that must live in a human society. We’ll let you know everything you need to know to help you and make your day-to-day life more complete.

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Specific times

Following specific times when making the tours, offering the food or at the time of going out to play, it will be fundamental that our puppy have a stable and calm behavior . Instinctively, dogs know what time to eat and when to complain to their owners to go for a walk. Fulfilling your basic needs in an orderly fashion will help you organize your life and that of your best friend.

Dog skills, training and mental stimulation

Teaching your puppy the basic training orders will be critical to your safety and to better communication with him. However, once learned, many owners stop working with their dogs. This is a serious mistake.

It is very important to note that providing our dog with mental stimulation is indispensable for being happy and his brain constantly being stimulated. You can use intelligence toys (board type) or kong , but the truth is that it is also important to work the different dog skills, better known as tricks. A dog that works daily with its owner will be much happier and know how to relate much more positively to it.

The daily socialization

Following a correct routine of socializing with other dogs and people is essential. From their ancestors, the dog retains its social nature which is based on the hierarchy among the members of a pack. All groups, human or animal family, count as a pack. We know that what they learn in the stage of socialization of the puppy makes it adapt better to the different changes of environments and in this way learns to tolerate its secondary role before its human leader. All dogs should be able to relate daily to other individuals, regardless of their species. Dogs that have not been properly socialized may suffer from adult behavioral problems such as fear, reactivity or introversion.

Careful if your dog …

The animals adopted in their adult phase usually have a defined personality before other animals and / or people, it will be the responsibility of the new one to readapt in the social environment in which it has to live. A dog’s habit of getting along with people and animals will open doors to almost any home and a long, happy life. Whenever it is not possible to carry out a normal life, remember that you can consult a specialist.

Although your puppy is not adopted, a bad experience or bad socialization can turn into an aggressive or reactive dog with other dogs and / or people or environment. Such behaviors generate tension in the family and hamper daily socialization, since we can not take them anywhere, limit their freedoms and can lead to frustration on the part of the owners. You must work hard at this point.

Play time

All puppies should be able to enjoy at least 15 or 30 minutes of free play daily , such as playing with the ball in the park. This habit is fundamental to help you release stress and enrich your day to day life in a positive way.

However, puppies should learn to differentiate what is to play from what is not. Virtually all puppies destroy something of value to their owners at some point in their life, especially when they are puppies. We should not let this be habitual behavior. They must learn to recognize their toys and those that have never been, nor will they be.

To end this habit it is fundamental to interpret why it does it, if it is because we leave it alone 12 hours a day, it can do it to get our attention. Some dogs prefer to be reprimanded rather than ignored. It may also happen that you do not have enough toys.

Ideally, puppies enjoy an active outdoor game (ball, frisbee, running) and indoors can play with different teethers and toys. Reinforcing it positively when you use them will be crucial to understand that you should use these objects and not our shoes.

Accept moments of solitude

When it comes to puppies, accepting the lonely moments like habits and positive routines for the puppy is usually more difficult. Before reaching us, the puppy was separated from its mother and siblings and, even knowing that it is complicated for us and for him, the little one must learn to be alone and overcome the anxiety of separation . To do this, start by leaving small periods of time alone and in this way, you will be able to strengthen your confidence and emotional tranquility .

No dog should be condemned to solitude, remember that they are social animals that live in packs, so the company is necessary. If they are aware that they will only be alone for a period of time ( never exceed 8 hours of solitude ), the answer to this habit will never be negative. In the long run, they will be able to distract themselves, whether playing, sleeping or looking through a window, with enough tranquility that we will come back, not abandoned.

However, if we leave our dog alone too many hours may appear some behavior problems, such as wreckage, flight or howling. They may also appear if we do not properly meet our partner’s basic needs.

Tours adapted to your pace

Within the habits and positive routines for the dog we also find the moment of the walk. As you may know, dogs need to go out on the street to do their own thing , but also to keep in touch with other dogs and people. It is a fundamental part of your daily life and essential for a happy life.

In addition, during the walk the dogs relax by smelling objects, urines and plants of all kinds. Allowing this behavior is very important as long as our dog has the vaccines up to date. Otherwise, you may be at risk of becoming ill.

Do not forget to adjust the walking pace: Older dogs, puppies, short-legged dogs and those who are sick will need a quiet and relaxed walk, such as the molossoid breeds (Pug, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux, among others). On the other hand, the terrier or lebrel type will enjoy a more active and combined physical exercise.

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