Gould’s Diamond Care

Gould’s Diamonds are small birds of Australian origin, very famous and loved among lovers of exotic birds, because they have a beautiful plumage full of different colors and a lively and lively personality.

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Having a Gould Diamond as a pet represents a lot of complexity since it is sensitive but at the same time strong. However, as with all birds, care must be given to them so that they grow and develop in the most pleasant and natural environment possible, so that they are in the best conditions. Only in this way will you have a Gould Diamond that is healthy, contented and sociable .

If you already have a Gould Diamond or you are thinking of adopting one, keep reading this article from the Animal Expert, where we tell you about the care of Gould’s Diamond , and all you have to keep in mind when giving this beloved bird a home Australian.

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Or environment

Of these incredible animals there are three sub-species that practically differ by the colors of their head: black, red and orange. In the pastures of Australia, where we can see them in total freedom, do not vary as much terms of color as the specimens that are in captivity.

Gould’s Diamonds come from Australian areas where the weather is warm and tropical, so they are accustomed to high temperatures. In fact, they are very sensitive to moderate or excessively humid climates. They prefer to live where there is abundant vegetation and water. Before planning to have a bird of this species, analyze the environment where you live, what kind of home you can offer and if it meets the conditions according to the needs that this bird presents for its survival.

An ideal temperature is 18 ° C at night and 21 ° C in the day , with a humidity between 55 and 75%. And although it can withstand temperatures below zero degrees centigrade, the most recommended is that in winter times the temperature does not drop below 10 ºC. During the breeding season, the Gould Diamonds enjoy and appreciate light very much and love to sun themselves between 10am and 2pm.

The Gould’s Diamond Cage

Gould’s Diamonds are very social creatures and prefer to be in the company of another of their own kind, so it would be best if you first planned to have a Goulds couple.

Remember that while you are friendly to yourself and other human beings, you can not completely tame them and will always need the presence of another of your own species to cover social needs. You can also have a pair of females for example. You can also join them with other species such as Mandarin, but we must be careful about the coexistence between gould and canary diamonds , it can be very negative for the latter.

Buy as large a cage as possible so your birds have enough room to fly and exercise (at least one meter per bird). Ideally, this should have a more horizontal form than vertical since the flight of these birds is horizontal.

Place some nest boxes in the cage, fill them with soft hay or cotton. Install several natural soft wood jumpers so they have areas of different heights and where they can land when they are playing. In addition, natural woods help to wear out your nails naturally. Feeders and drinking troughs should not be near or below the wooden jumps, so they do not fill them with excrement.

Remember that the hygiene of the cage and its accessories is the key so your bird does not contract infections that endanger your health.

The feeding

Access to fresh, refreshed water is key to the Gould Diamond. Besides, they love to shower. We recommend that you put a shallow dish with water a few times a week inside the cage so that you can take whatever baths you want.

In nature, these birds are accustomed to eating various types of herbs along with seeds. In captivity you can eat commercial mixtures designed for exotic birds that usually have maize, millet and canary seed .

You can supplement your diet with fruits, fresh vegetables, eggshells and special insect feeders. When you want to give some gift you can give some delicious live worms, they love it.

Details to consider

What else we must emphasize of the care of the Diamond of Gould, is the physical treatment. Although not too sensitive and especially careful birds, they are not as robust as other finches, and tend to be nervous if they try to grab them for no reason. Do not grab a Gould Diamond unless it’s an emergency, this can be a very stressful situation for them.

Do not forget that if you decide to adopt a couple made up of a male and a female, they can start to create. You should be responsible and understand beforehand that this can happen. If you do not want to start making Gould’s Diamonds for lack of space or not wanting to care for a large group of birds, it’s best to opt for same-sex couples.

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