Care of the Golden Retriever

Healthy Golden Reters do not need special care other than good nutrition , companionship and affection, routine veterinary care and lots of exercise. It is also necessary to provide them with the basic canine training to stimulate their mind and to behave properly in any place.

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Therefore, the Golden Retriever will need special care if they find themselves sick. The care of the ill Golden Retriever will depend on the disease you have at the moment and should be recommended by a veterinarian. To prevent diseases of the Golden Retriever, it is recommended to do periodic veterinary checks. But if it is not your case and your furry companion is in perfect condition, read on and discover in YourCatCareguide all the care you must offer your Golden to provide you with the best quality of life.

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Feeding the Golden Retriever

When we talk about the care of the Golden Retriever , no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind is your food. Puppies that have not been fully weaned should be fed by their mother and with the supplements the veterinarian recommends. The quantity and frequency of your food will depend on the quantity and quality of your breast milk, as well as the recommendations your veterinarian makes.

On the contrary, Golden Reters that were weaned should follow a mainly solid diet that must be balanced to provide them with the nutrients they need. There are many opinions on what is the best food for these dogs, from those who support the feeding exclusively of balanced rations (of different brands), to those who consider that the dog’s food should be based on cooked food. Some also argue that dogs should be fed raw food. Therefore, it is best to choose the food of your Golden Retriever with the help of the veterinarian and opt for a quality food. If your puppy is a newly adopted puppy, talk to the person who was taking care of him by then and ask him what he was eating and how often. In any other case, the diet and meal frequency should be recommended by the veterinarian.

Daily Meals Recommended

Generally, Golden Retriever puppies are fed three to four times a day, while adult puppies are fed twice a day. It is important to keep your Golden Retriever’s meal times fixed byremoving your food dish 20 minutes after you have put it on the ground if you have not eaten it. In this way, it will help to regulate the digestion of your dog, favoring your health. In addition, this will allow you to educate your puppy to go do the necessities in certain places.

Water is something that should always be available to your dog throughout the day, always clean and fresh.

Other Golden power advice

When you change your Golden food (for example from puppy ration to adult dog ration), it is recommended that you mix the two foods together for a while. This will make it easier for your dog to get used to the new food.

Although the diet may vary depending on how you decide to feed your Golden Retriever, you should never give him sweets or chocolate. Chocolate in particular can be very harmful and even deadly for your dog.

With this breed it is very important to keep the amount of food taking into account the amount of exercise that the dog does, since the Golden Retriever tend to be obese . If you use food to train your dog, take some of your daily ration to make up for the extra calories you receive during training sessions. Be careful not to take too much of your daily ration, because during training you also burn calories.

Golden Retriever Hair Care and Hygiene

The Golden Retriever does not need special care as private cuts, but needs frequent brushing because it loses a lot of hair. It also needs exercise, companionship and affection.

Brushing these dogs should be done with a bristle brush . Once you have the brush, to offer the best care to the Golden Retriever, it is best to brush the dog’s hair once a day, especially during times of exchange, to avoid the accumulation of dead hair. If you do not do so, your house will be full of hairs, in addition we can form ourselves in the hair of the dog and encourage the appearance of external parasites such as fleas . In addition, these knots could cause pain in the animal when combing it.

If you see that your Golden Retriever loses too much or even has bare areas, you should consult your veterinarian because it may be a sign that your health is poor. Excessive hair loss can indicate physical problems such as skin allergies or emotional problems such as chronic stress.

The Bath of the Golden Retriever

You should bathe the Golden Retriever only when it is dirty and with a dog shampoo, since frequent bathing damages the protective layer of your hair. Among the options to keep the dog clean without giving him too much bath, are dry shampoos for dogs. You can find them for sale at pet stores and use them on your dog more often than damp shampoos. You can also clean your Golden’s hair with a damp cloth or even completely wet but without using shampoo.

To provide the best care for the Golden Retriever , it is important to pay attention to your ears because it is common to harbor external parasites such as fleas, ticks and fungi. Therefore, it is convenient to clean them frequently. If the dog scratches a lot, scratches its ears and neck against the walls or the ground, or walks with a crooked head, it may have some parasite problem in them, so you should take it to the vet right away.

You can check the ears and other parts of the body during daily brushing. Keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are prone to skin diseases. So take advantage of daily brushing to detect any irregularities in your dog’s skin and hair. If you notice anything that strikes you, take it to a specialist.

Exercise and living conditions

The Golden Retriever are dogs that need a lot of affection and companionship. They are not dogs to live in isolation in the garden, but to be part of the family. They are dogs very close to people and do not usually have a single owner. If they do not receive enough attention and companionship, Golden Retrievers look for ways to relieve their anxiety, usually by biting things or digging in the garden. In addition, Golden Retrievers need to do lots of exercise every day, since they are very active dogs. It can be easy to exercise them when teaching yourself how to fetch and bring toys, since you have a lot of fun chasing after a ball. In addition, this type of exercise prevents obesity.

On the other hand, within the care for the Golden Retriever , lies the process of socialization. In this sense, it is good to play with other dogs and sniff during the rides. Although they are usually sociable dogs, it is advisable to socialize Golden Retrievers since they are puppies .

In addition to socializing properly and offering you long walks, it is also advisable to promote Golden Retriever exercise through swimming. This breed of dog likes to swim, so it will not be difficult to get him to practice this sport. But you should never throw your Golden Retriever in the water, you must let him (it) enter the water of his own accord. On the other hand, if your Golden does not have diseases that limit mobility such as hip dysplasia , it is also a good idea to practice some canine sport with it so that it can burn energies such as agility, canine freestyle and flyball.

Golden Retrievers can adapt to living in an apartment if they provide them with the exercise they need. However, it is best for them if they have a medium or large garden. As we said before, the ideal is for the dog to live in the house, with the family and also to be able to exercise in the garden. It is important to note that this does not eliminate the rides Golden needs to socialize.

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