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Many cat owners are beginning to see a trend of growth in furniture exclusively dedicated to cats on the market. It is for this reason that in the Animal Expert we offer you a gallery of images so that you can enjoy a different type of furniture for your home.

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Whether it’s buying a new mobile, buying a second hand or even doing it yourself, it’s a fantastic idea if you have the time and space to devote to your cat. Continue reading this Animal Expert article on cat furniture .

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A bed for your cat

Cats are by normal masters and owners of your house. This includes taking the sofa, beds, chairs and all kinds of surfaces for several hours (your computer always seems like a great option). Still, having your own bed is something they love and make them feel special. So take a look at these very original cat beds:

Realistic small size bed, Japanese style

Bed / trunk for the most hipster , a whole trend of the moment.

Original and curved design

Ideal for Apple Lovers

Sofa for cats

Another option for cat furniture is a full size sofa. These are furniture likely to be occupied in less than nothing and are beautiful and original. Observe the different styles and decide which is your favorite:

Manor lounge chair , for the most eccentric and richest cats

Another model of chaise longue , in this case simpler

This homey design is simple but very customizable, ideal for skilled people who love to paint and decorate

This model type bed network goes quite unnoticed, in addition it is applicable to any type of table that has at home

A fun option if you like to see your cat in a human position (this if you can make it feel like in the picture)

This chaise longue has a very simple design and easy to make yourself at home

Fun feminine hiding place that reminds us a little of the chanel coco stalk


The sandboxes are aesthetically very simple and unfriendly if they are always in sight of the guests. Here are some original ideas:

Fantastic, discreet and simple! Currently there are many designes of this style whether it is furniture of the bathroom or the room

If hiding your cat’s needs is not your style can be original with this model, will not leave anyone indifferent

Comedouros for cats

Feeders are also an option if what you are looking for is to decorate your home with exclusive cat furniture. Here are the suggestions we give you:

Fine, elegant and sturdy on the wall

Rustic and simple style, very easy to make yourself at home

And finally we end up with this last idea, it’s also easy to recreate. It is ideal for people with little space in the house

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