5 Funny Things Dogs Make

From the most playful to the most serious, through the most frivolous, all the dogs have particularities and habits very funny . Gestures or habits, whether general or particular of each animal, that make them beings adorable and unique.

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Every dog ​​is different from an early age, and every owner knows this funny habit that our furry friend does, but it’s also true that dogs share some very funny attitudes that have an explanation.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we gather the 5 funny things that dogs do and we give you the explanation of why they do it to know better the behavior of these animals so nice.

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1. Chasing your tail

Surely you’ve ever seen a dog go round and round on itself to bite its tail . It can be a fun attitude, however, when our dog has it and shows signs of anxiety, it may be a sign that something is not right. We recommend you read our article why my dog ​​bites his ass , to find out the causes of his friend having this behavior compulsively.

2. Sleeping on the belly

The postures that our dog can do while sleeping may be very strange, however, one of the most common and funny is when he lies on his belly. All paws are relaxed, the face wrinkled and sometimes with the body folded as if it were a real contortionist. When our dog sleeps so it means that he is totally relaxed and feels very safe .

3. Head out the window

We go in the car, lower the window to get air, and automatically our dog takes his head out to enjoy the breeze. Dogs like to do this for several reasons. They like to feel the wind in their faces, but they especially like the amount of odors they can perceive in this way.

Dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than humans, and when they go in the car they get millions of olfactory particles that make them enjoy. Watch your nose move every time you stick your head out the window.

Remember that the pet can thrill and jump, so every time you let your dog put his head out the window should take the necessary security measures .

4. They think you threw the toy and they will get it

Among the 5 funny things that dogs do they could not miss anything related to the game. Dogs are very playful animals , they like to play with themselves and other dogs and they enjoy themselves as children when they throw the toy to pick it up.

The eagerness they have to play makes them always alert and when they throw their toy, they are automatically fired to fetch it. But when he deceives him and does not get him to shoot, they are confused not knowing very well where he is, because they have not heard him fall and because you do not have him in his hand.

5. Shake your head when you have a toy.

Surely you’ve ever seen your dog shake his head when he has his toy in his mouth, it’s a gesture that may even be adorable because he sees them excited while they play, but the truth is that this gesture comes from their most primal instincts .

It is a gesture identical to that made by wolves, an animal from which dogs come, when they catch a prey . So when you see this funny attitude of your dog, he’s pretending to hunt you down. But do not worry, it’s not aggressive, it’s just a game.

These are just some of the funny things that dogs do, but each animal is different and each one does really fun particular things that make it unique. We want to meet your friend, so tell us in the comments that funny things your dog does.

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