5 Funny Things Cats Do

Cats are animals with a great capacity to win the heart of any human being. Anyone who has a cat in their house knows that a tender look, rubbing against their leg or some “sweet” scratches are enough to win all of our admiration.

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He can not help loving them madly, he is sad when they find each other badly, and there are many play sessions with them. But often, they do funny things that we keep remembering all the time and even if they are no longer among us it is inevitable to remember those moments and smile. Many will say it is an anthropomorphism, but no one takes the smile off our faces when we remember these things.

Today in YourCatCareguide we bring you the 5 funny things that cats do to get our attention and not go unnoticed by our lives.

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1. Hate to get wet

No doubt this is at the top of the list. Although many cats may like water, the truth is that most of them hate it. They will do everything possible to prevent them from getting wet, including scratching them, for survival.

In addition to his resistance and deep rejection, if you can get him wet, you’ll probably laugh a little at what they look like when they’re all wet.

2. Fear easily

In general cats are usually very calm in the house. They have their most scrambled moments, but they usually try whenever tranquility prevails. That is why, in the face of an unknown noise, a new person, a dog and even a loud volume, it is not surprising that our cat climbs to the top of the closet, if possible.

3. They use it as a mobile, bed …

A cat can not understand that it does not treat it better than it already does. If power is going to use it as a mobile, as your favorite transport and even as if it were your personal scratcher. This is not because they are presumptuous animals or because they believe they are superior to themselves. So if you do not stop them, it’s best to prepare yourself for a sweet bite.

4. Have moments of madness

From nowhere they can start jumping, scratching their feet, biting a finger and even chasing a ghost. Cats are undoubtedly extraterrestrial creatures, or at least seem many times. Many people claim that dogs have a sixth sense, why can not cats have it too? They live their own way, in an active and peculiar way, just as we should do!

5. They are rolled up in blankets, yarns, …

If you have a cat, you will probably have all your clothes full of loose strands and small holes. Cats have a great knack for getting rolled up in the most obvious places, and even though they’ve been through the same situation before, they’re likely to get their nails done again to break their favorite piece of clothing.

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