Fruits and vegetables for mandarin diamond

Mandarin diamond lovers know that this is a very curious bird, who loves to try new foods, especially if we talk about fruits or vegetables. Still, it’s not just about offering variety to your diet, it’s something to ground them to be beautiful, healthy and active.

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Remember that vitamins disappear in a very short time when they are in the water, on the other hand, the vitamins that we find in fruits and vegetables last longer.

In addition to the basic food, in this article of YourCatCareguide we show you especially the fruits and vegetables indicated for the mandarin diamond .

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The green and soft shoots are great for your mandarin’s diet, we talk about the food they most readily accept and for that reason we recommend you to offer you arugula, spinach (if boiled best), endive and endive. Remember that you should regularly change the fruit and vegetables you give them to keep them from spoiling.

Some people give up letting lettuce even though it has too much water, which can lead to diarrhea. You better think of other options.

More vegetables

Other interesting options are the cucumber, the chard, the cabbage leaves and even the dandelions that you will find in the field, they will love it! Remember that fruit and vegetables should consist of about 20% of the feed of your mandarin diamond .

Try giving different types to know which are your favorites.


It may be that your diamonds do not find the greenery you give them very interesting, and it is normal for them to take the time to accept the greenery. For this reason a very interesting option is to offer them shoots, which because they have a different consistency and because they are similar to seeds are better accepted by the mandarins. Soya bean sprouts and wheat sprouts are two very good choices.


Fruits are an excellent choice and full of vitamins that mandarin diamonds will love. Among the infinite possibilities we find kiwi, orange or apple, some very interesting supplements that fill them with energy.

Besides, you should never miss …

The natural choco bone for poultry is the best option for your diamonds to receive their daily calcium intake. You can get it in any petshop and its use is more and more widespread. This fantastic option has gradually replaced the classic and artificial compact chemical of calcium

Do not your diamonds eat fruit or vegetables?

It is normal for some diamonds to arrive at our house not to try the fruit and vegetables it gives them. is totally understandable, since it is a food to which they are not accustomed.

It is important that you be patient and that every day you can give them different types of food . At first we recommend that you offer them soft shoots like arugula for example, and then you can start giving them varied fruits and vegetables.

Não lhes ofereça sempre o mesmo, pois os diamantes acabam se entediando rapidamente com o mesmo tipo de dieta. Ao mudar não só descobrirá quais são os alimentos que mais agradam ao seu diamante mandarim como também está fomentando uma melhor relação entre ambos.

Other Options

If even your mandarin diamonds do not eat fruit and vegetables, we recommend you go to a pet store and get some kind of vitamins such as Tabernil.

These are chemicals that lose effectiveness over time and have a potent odor (not all diamonds will drink water with vitamins), so the best option remains the insistence on fruits and vegetables.

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