Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Retriever

When it comes to adopting a dog there are many doubts that arise in our head and we are talking about a very important decision that should not be taken without prior research. Before we answer the most common questions, ask the following question: Do you have the resources to offer your new partner the best quality of life? With this we are referring to time, money and dedication. If the answer is yes and you already know that the dog you want is a Golden Retriever, then congratulations you chose a loving, balanced and very sociable breed of dog.

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Keep reading and find out in this article from YourCatCareguide the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Golden Retriever , you probably have already thought of more than one.

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Does the Golden Retriever loose much hair?

The Golden Retriever loses a lot by constantly and loses even more during the time of change. In this way, if you do not like dog hair or have allergies to them, it is best to look for a dog breed that does not lose as much hair, as is the case with Poodle. The hypoallergenic dogs do not lose by are most appropriate for you. And if, on the contrary, you do not mind adopting a dog with a tendency to frequent hair loss, then Golden is for you.

Is it a good idea to have a Golden if you have kids at home?

Golden Retrievers can be excellent pets for families with children as long as proper precautions are taken. Although the Golden have a reputation for being excellent with children, it should never be forgotten that they are still big dogs and that if they get angry they can hurt a child. In addition, because of their size and active character, they can cause falls and hurt children without intending to do so.

So if you want to have a Golden, you should make sure to socialize the dog properly with the children, adults and all their environment and educate your children to interact with the dog without mistreating it. Many dogs are abandoned or killed because they bite the children who mistreat them. The dog runs out of family, or dies, and the child may be left with physical and emotional scars because of adults who can not raise their children and the dog. Therefore, the responsibility on the dog will be completely yours. Never expect a child or even a teenager to take full responsibility for an animal if he or she has not been educated.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of adopting a Golden Retriever as a gift for your children, to indulge them on a whim or simply to give them a playmate, then do not. It is very important that you also want to enjoy the company of an animal to devote the time you need and to offer you the care you deserve. Remember that in the end the person in charge of Golden will end up being you.

How do Golden Retrievers get with other animals?

It depends on the genetics and the experiences lived by each individual. It also depends on how the other animal reacts to the dog.

If you want a Golden and already have another pet, you can look for a dog and educate it so you do not be aggressive with the other animal. He will also have to educate the other animal not to react aggressively with the newly arrived Golden. Another option is to adopt an adult dog that knows that one gets along well with the other pet’s species. If the dog is adopted, it is possible that the protector has evaluated its reaction to other animals.

In short, Golden Retrievers can get along with other animals , but must educate them for that.

How much exercise does a Golden Retriever need?

When they are hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise . They need jokes, walks and, if possible, the opportunity to swim. Intense exercise, such as Agility , is good for healthy adult puppies because it helps them release the accumulated energy. However, they are not recommended for puppies and young dogs (under 18 months) because they can cause joint damage.

Older Golden Retrievers should also go out for a walk, but without forcing them to engage in intense exercise.

Are dogs that bark a lot?

Usually not , but they can become very barking dogs and destroyers if they are alone for long or if they get bored. In the event of this change in your behavior, be sure to consult our article in which we give you some advice to prevent the dog barking and what are the main causes that can lead you to this.

Supports hot climates well?

In response to this frequent question about the Golden Retriever we can say yes, as long as they are not extreme climates . In any case, it is not advisable to give them intense exercise during the hottest hours of the day (around noon) if you live in a hot location because they may suffer from heat shock. In this case it is best to leave the exercises intense for times when it is less hot, as early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon.

Does it support cold climates well?

Yes, its protective coat allows it to withstand cold climates very well. However, you should also not leave your Golden in a bad time thinking that your hair is enough. The Golden Retriever should have a temperate place where you can take refuge from extreme weather. It is best to live indoors with yourself and your family.

Are Golden Retrievers easy to train and obedient?

It is true that Golden Retriever dogs are easy to train when using the right methods. We recommend clicker training to get the best results.

It is not true that Golden Reters are obedient dogs by nature. No dog is obedient by nature,and the behavior of each individual depends on the education received by the owner.

Bear in mind that while Golden dogs are easy to train, training takes time and needs dedication. If you want to train your Golden on your own, then check out our advice to educate puppies .

Do the Golden take how long to grow? And how long can they live?

These are two of the most frequently asked questions about the Golden Retriever and the rest of the dogs, as basic care varies depending on the age of the dog. In response to the first question, Golden Retrievers reach physical maturity by the age of two, but their definitive character does not usually appear before the age of three.

As for the second question, the average life expectancy of this breed is around 10-12 years , but some Golden Retriever live much longer, reaching 15 years or more.

How can I prevent ear infection in the Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers, like some other breeds of dogs with drooping ears, often have ear infections. To prevent this, you should uneven your dog’s ears frequently, as directed by your veterinarian. If you think your puppy has an infection at this time, you should take him to the vet to make the diagnosis and indicate the appropriate treatment.

Can I have two or more Golden Retrievers?

Since Golden Retrievers are usually sociable, it is possible to have two or more of these dogs. However, before forming a Goldens team, you should make sure you have enough time and space. Two dogs give twice as much work as just one, need a bigger budget and need more space. If you want two dogs, go ahead, but make sure you can offer them a quality life .

Which is better, the Labrador Retriever or the Golden Retriever?

This is a common question among those considering adopting a dog and likes both breeds. The only correct answer is: none.

Both the Golden and the Labrador retriever can be excellent hunting dogs, pets or service dogs. In addition, they have identical behavioral characteristics. So if you like both breeds and do not know whether to choose the Labrador or Golden, choose the one you like best and that’s it.

My veterinarian does not agree with the information on the internet, who should I believe?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about Golden Retrievers, because sometimes the information found on the internet may not be to the veterinarian’s liking. If this happens, you should know that in everything that has to do with the health and care of your Golden Retriever, you have to listen to your veterinarian . He is the one who knows your dog and who evaluated him personally.

Do you have any questions about the Golden Retriever?

If you have any questions that we do not refer to in this article by YourCatCareguide and would like to see it clarified as soon as possible, leave your comment that we will be happy to answer.


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