Forbidden fruits and vegetables for cats

There are certain fruits and vegetables forbidden for cats . Cats are strictly pure carnivorous animals, they are not omnivorous as can be other animals or even the human being. Your digestive tract is able to digest animal foods without problems, but vegetables are not good for your body. However, there are fruits and vegetables that in small doses can contribute with devoid vitamins in animal protein diets.

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Knowing plant foods that in small amounts may be ideal for cats is very convenient. However, what is really important when we want to offer our little companion a home-made diet is to know perfectly what the forbidden human foods are for cats . So keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and know what are the prohibited fruits and vegetables for cats and their toxic effects for our feline pets.

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Fruit harmful to cat

All fruits have sugar , which is not beneficial for cats . But in small amounts some can be beneficial because they bring nutrients and vitamins absent in meat diets. Next, let’s list the forbidden fruits for cats because they can make you sick.

List of fruits harmful to the cat

The main prohibited fruits for cats are as follows:

  • The grapes and raisins are fruits that can cause kidney problems in cats, so your intake is prohibited.
  • Avocado . This fruit is very greasy and although its texture may be to the liking of the cat should not be administered under any circumstances. It can be harmful to your pancreas, such as fried foods and seasoned sauces. In addition, the avocado contains a substance called persin , which is toxic to cats and other animals such as dogs .
  • Banana. Ingestion of this fruit causes severe diarrhea in cats. Be careful because its taste is to the liking of cats.
  • Oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits and all citrus fruits in general cause stomach upsets in cats. Luckily, their flavors are not to the liking of the feline palate.

Legumes harmful to cats

Just as there are some vegetables that cooked and consumed in moderation are fit for the consumption of cats, there are other vegetables very harmful to your health. Similar to some plants that are toxic to them , there are very harmful vegetables for cats even boiled and given only in small amounts. So, next we will list the worst vegetables for your cat’s health.

List of harmful vegetables for cats

The most harmful vegetables for the health of our cats are:

  • Onion . The onion contains a product called thiosulfate which in cats can cause anemia because it destroys the red blood cells of the animal.
  • Garlic . Garlic also contains thiosulfate, but less than onions. It is not so dangerous but it is not recommended either.
  • Leek, chives, etc. All these vegetables cause the same problem that occurs with onions and garlic.
  • Raw potatoes and other raw tubers. These raw foods contain an element called solanine, very bitter and toxic to people, cats and other animals. But with the cooking of food this toxic is totally eliminated and become fit for cats in small portions.
  • Tomatoes . Tomatoes are relatives of potatoes, since they are solanaceous family plants. Therefore, they also contain solanine, the bitter toxin. It is not advisable to plant tomatoes in a garden where your cat passes, as it could be intoxicated with tomato leaves that are also toxic.

Do not experiment with the cat

Cats, due to the characteristics of their short intestinal tract that Mother Nature endowed them with, should only eat animal protein, that is, meat and fish. It is true that they cover their vitamin deficiencies by ingesting plants, in addition to detoxifying them, complement their diet. And it’s also true that sometimes, like we do, they erect and ingest a toxic plant. For this reason, providing them with healthy vegetables for them at a small percentage (10% to 15%), is no mistake. But do not pretend to convert your cat into a vegetarian animal because it will never be.

Do not give him allowed vegetables in excessive quantities, not every day. Only eventually and in complement mode. Lastly, do not provide any new plant for which your veterinarian does not guarantee safety for your cat.

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