Follow these tips to keep your house always tidy

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In a world of constant work and stress sometimes it costs to maintain order at home . Surely you are one of those who believe that it takes a long time, but it is not, you should only have a couple of minutes available to make your home always look calm.

Although this practice could be a bit tedious, especially if they have children at home, it's just a matter of habits . If you do not know how to do it, here are some tips for you to keep your house in order :

The arrival home

When you return to your home after a long day of work you will surely get something tired, but it will not make you lose a lot of time because once you take off your coat and put it in its place: laundry basket, wardrobe or coat rack, as the case may be.

Get rid of what you do not use

] There is something that brings a lot of disorder and that you should avoid and are the things that you no longer use. Organize your closet or wardrobe and you will see how it decreases, not only the disorder, but also the level of stress in your room.

Start by doing a general cleaning . Classify the clean from the dirty, the ironed from the wrinkled and get rid of what you do not use. Take out all those clothes that you have not worn for years and you will see how you will have more space in your wardrobe. If you do not know what to do with it, find a place where you receive donations and deliver it. In addition to having your wardrobe in order, you will be collaborating for a good cause.

Rent a storage room

If your house does not have much space and you have any room fed up with things you do not use much then rent a storage room so you can keep your house in order and find peace.

Generally, people who live in apartments or who have businesses and require equipment storage, come to companies that offer to take care of your belongings in a safe way.

If you are in the center of Madrid, a good option of renting storage rooms or storage extraroom a company with more than 10 years of experience offering your services to individuals, freelancers and companies in Madrid.

But maybe you will ask yourself how to trust and leave my furniture to be taken care of ?. It's simple because there are hundreds of customers satisfied with the services and through Google you can see your score so you feel more relaxed. You will have to choose between several sizes, according to your need.

Well, you already decided. But now, comes another detail How to take the junk to the storage ? Do not worry, because Extraroom also has a van that lends the free service or if you are going to make a move they can also help you.

Everything in its place

If you do not want to feel the "heavy" house of So much disorder, then it is important that each time you use something you put it in its place. Not only when you get to the house, as explained above, but every time you use the kitchen or the bathroom.

For many housewives it is a little complicated to maintain order in the kitchen but as you do something and you stop using it, you can return it to its place or while you are waiting for the food to be ready, you can wash the dishes and in the end you will not have a complete disorganization that you will not want to pick up later.

Make the bed

It is very unpleasant to go to bed and find everything scrambled. An unattended bed where it becomes very uncomfortable to sleep or worse, get tired with desire to go to bed and before having to fix it because you did not get up.

Leaving your bed in order before leaving home is a habit that you must acquire and thus feel more comfortable and quiet during the night.

Hangers in the bathroom

The bathroom is another place where there is always disorder. Get used to putting the towel in the hanger. Avoid leaving it in the room to not create humidity.

It is very important, especially for hygiene, that you keep the toilets clean and free of bacteria, thus avoiding bad odors.

Collect the table

Many people have the bad habit to put everything on the table, this little habit helps in the maintenance of your home.

Keep the table collected, it will also facilitate work at the time of the meal. Do not forget to pick up the dishes after sharing a delicious family dinner.

If you follow these steps, you will surely have a better coexistence and you will save a lot of time. Remember that it is a job in which the whole family should participate, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve a good coexistence and comfort in the home.

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