No Fleas, Please! Flea Allergies And Your Cat

Fleas can cause all kinds of problems for your cat. These little blood suckers can spread diseases and infect your feline friend with tapeworms. And they can also cause flea allergy dermatitis, or flea bite allergy, for many unhappy cats.

What Is Flea Allergy Dermatitis?

Fleas feed by injecting saliva into the skin of your cat. This saliva contains enzymes that keep your cat’s blood from clotting while the flea is feeding. Flea saliva also contains histamines and a number of other substances that can cause an allergic reaction, or hypersensitivity. One flea bite can cause hours and days of intense itching.

The result is a cat with very itchy skin. Your kitty will scratch and bite at herself, usually at the base of her tail. In fact, many cats with flea allergies have a characteristic loss or thinning of hair above the base of their tails. And the more she scratches and bites, the worse the itching and irritation gets. It becomes a vicious cycle that can be hard to break.

Flea allergy dermatatis is a seasonal allergy. I had a cat who was allergic to flea bites, and she always got worse in the late summer or early fall, which is very common with this problem.

How Can I Help My Kitty With Flea Allergies?

The best thing you can do for your cat is to feed her a healthy diet. Try to avoid commercial foods with artificial colorings and preservatives, as these can make an itchy cat even worse.

You may want to feed your cat brewer’s yeast and garlic, as these help make her less tasty to fleas.

Of course, the best way to avoid flea allergies is to get rid of the fleas before they become a problem. See Flea Season Is Coming! Controlling Fleas Naturallyfor tips on getting rid of fleas without using harmful pesticides.

Hydrocortisone skin creams are often recommended to kill the itching associated with flea bite dermatitis, but regular use of these products can cause harmful side effects.

Is There A Natural Alternative?

PetAlive FleaDerm is your answer. This herbal cream is very effective in soothing and preventing flea allergy dermatitis, without side effects.

PetAlive FleaDerm contains:

  • German chamomile – a gentle cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing herb.
  • Cleavers – expels toxins from the body and helps to heal chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and allergic dermatitis.
  • Calendula – an excellent anti-inflammatory which prevents infection with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It can also help damaged skin to regenerate itself.
  • Witchhazel – is excellent for reducing inflammation, bleeding and pain. Its anti-bacterial properties help to prevent infection.
  • Graphites (30C)- a homeopathic remedy beneficial for chronic skin sores, dermatitis, slow healing wounds and scar tissue.

Does This Stuff Really Work?

“Cassie, my youngest cat, has a severe allergy to flea bites, and her suffering during the warmer months was terrible to see. Although I always use every available product to keep her clear of fleas, it just takes a chance encounter with one flea (A common occurrence in a house with lots of pets) and she would be in agony for weeks. I used your FleaDerm for her and wanted to let you know what a wonderful difference it has made to her skin- it soothed the flea bites quickly and really seemed to relieve the itching. Within about a week the area had almost completely healed. Thank you- I am re-ordering this product today!” —Marjorie

“Your PetAlive FleaDerm remedy has helped my Staffie so much! In the past she used to spend half her day scratching and biting at her skin – even rubbing against trees and other rough surfaces she could find – to the point that her skin became red, raw and weepy. Her hair started to fall out and she ended up with little bald patches all over her! After embarking on an intensive flea-ridding program as well as using your FleaDerm cream on her skin the situation has almost completely resolved. I must just wait a few more weeks for hair to grow back properly now! It is fantastic to see her comfortable and playful again – thanks for a wonderful remedy!” —Holly

Learn more about flea allergy at Flea Allergy Dermatitis or Bite Hypersensitivityand at PetAlive

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